Sunday, 13 June 2010

Here we go, here we go, here we....SHUT UP!

So we've all been gripped with football fever have we? Suddenly everyone is so Patriotic - adorning themselves and everything they can with that lovely little ENGLAND flag.  It kindof makes me laugh as to me football always has been and always will be just a game.  People have spilled blood, lost lives for this thing.  That makes me frown with confusion.

I saw the last half of the match last night - as in Englands first match.  It was a draw.  Now some people were up in arms - and I know some would be totally gutted if England don't win their heat or whatever it's called - but my life really won't be that effected.

The sounds of some pubs when the football is on scares me - the noises that these grown men (generally) make it just beyond me.

Footballers getting death threats if they are thought to have lost a game.......death threats? Come on! *rolls eyes*

Now most of the footballers playing for England are names that I know - but not one of them have I got a clue how good their football talent is.  I know the names for the headlines that are splashed across the papers for the affairs they have had, or the kiss and tells that have been sold about them and worse the rape cases against them or the fights they have gotten into.  This is a major reason why I will never like football that much - the mentality that goes with it is something I care nothing for.  I admit that some of these girls involved in the kiss and tells and the affairs are pretty low life - but all in all isn't it something when I know everyone on the pitch by name and face but have no clue about their ability at the game.

Oh well, I'm off to think about sparkly things.

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