Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Creak clank Squeak

My thought for today is this:

Have you ever noticed that if you think someone doesn't like you that you find all these things that they do that seem to indicate that you are right - without you ever actually asking if they don't like you and how quite often you are wrong and actually projecting to them that you don't like them?

Have you ever noticed that when you are unsure about something you are wearing or feel like you are really ugly that day and everywhere you go you hear people laughing and of course it's always at you - or you think they notice the flaws you have or the perceived flaws you have and assume they are being mean about you the minute you leave the room?

Has there ever been a positive use for paranoia or is it a totally wasted human emotion?

Sometimes I really wish I could relearn what my younger self did and that as long as you know you are being a good person who gives what others think!!

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