Monday, 24 May 2010

Would you also jump off a cliff if they told you too?

Advertising! It's a funny old thing. So much money spent on it and it's everywhere for everything. Thing is I keep hearing about how people are sucked in by an advert, I even heard my own younger brother once ask my Mom what brand of washing up powder she used as the TV had said that good mom's use *insert random brand* now that's quite harsh advertising - it wasn't aimed at the mothers after all it was aimed at the small children....apparently. I know the media has a massive control over the world but do these adverts really make a difference. I've never really thought so but maybe I am just a bit more of an independent thinker than the average Jo.

I've always felt the best way to sell a product is to give money off, or better still to send out a sample. Personally I think it's next to useless telling me something smells of oranges and peaches with a hint of vanilla, I need to smell it and smell it on me!

I looked at some adverts and felt they didn't actually make me want to buy the product at all, at times I didn't even know what the advert was for.

This lovely little pink advert for Miss Dior perfume makes me think of sunny days and that pink flowers are pretty and maybe I should buy some to put on my desk. Not once do I think about purchasing perfume.

Now this lovely Gucci advert just makes me long for the clothes in the picture - I don't even really notice the watch.

And this one - sorry who is it for again - all I am thinking about is red lipstick and how it's been a while since I wore it, something I used to wear nearly every day.

More perfume to buy? All I thought about was wanting to go on holiday.

Yeah you got it - I just see the cat ears and think about when I was a child and always dressed up as a cat for Halloween parties and then I start wondering if there are any photographs of such parties.

I still have no clue what this is an advert for - all I know is that I want spiral stairs that look like piano keys - but only if I can manage to ever buy my own home.

So, what is the point? Why are the media so powerful? Am I just invincible to this? Or did I just hit on this being the biggest waste of money? It can't be can it for the millions to still be spent on advertising. Seriously though would anyone buy perfume just based on an advert? Maybe it's just me that likes to find things and stumble across things - it also just makes me think of the movie Josie and The Pussycats....and how none of us should become a part of the brainless masses.


  1. Really interesting post.
    I have to say I totally agree...alot of the time I look at adverts and wonder what they where thinking!

    There is a good advert in most fashion magazine atm that really stand out for a good reason and that is for the new Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks.
    The model is just wearing the lipstick perfectly and it looks very pretty and just makes me what to buy it.

    There are so many adverts that aren't like this though!

    Fee x

  2. AH yes I know that advert and that's true it's one of the few that works! It's just mad that so many millions are spent on advertising but I have never yet bought something based on an advert, only on trying something or being told about it by a friend....yet still millions are spent.........and we can all see the power of the media but the adverts just really don't seem to work on me at all.

  3. Love those pictures... they are so gorgeous!!!

  4. I absolutely agree with you that the pictures are gorgeous but I still don't have a clue about how they are worth the millions to get someone to buy the product - but maybe I shouldn't complain as at least it's pretty to look at - whether I know what they are for or not ☺