Tuesday, 18 May 2010

When I look back through the pages of my life what will I see?

I heard someone today commenting on how tired they are just from doing the bare necessities of their life – and wondering what it is all about. I hear that one loud and clear.

You go to work to get the money you need to live the life you want oh but scratch that you are basically living the life your boss things you should have as they decide your wages so in some ways deciding how you live your life. Of course you then decide what you do with that money, but with the ever increasing lack of bonuses and pay rises and the ever increases utility bill costs, cost of transport, accommodation and basic food well we are worse and worse off with each seeming year. Some quite drastically so.

That leads to the things we can do for ourselves out of work getting to be less and less like the dream we had as younger adults first taking a look inside the adult world.

We get up – we work to someone else’s timetable – we get home – we cook – we clean and we fall asleep exhausted wondering where the evening went. A friend calls inviting us out and the passion isn’t there – no offence to the friend but our feet feel like we have lead round them.

That’s how I know that something went wrong. Somehow we over complicated life. I wish I could pretend I don’t need anything and all is tra la la I do what I do I go my own way and all that.

But it’s not true is it. I basically have about 3 hours a day that are totally my own and are not to do with chores, work or that human need to eat and sleep. So I try to make sure I use that time as wisely as I can. Less and less am I wanting to spend that time getting totally hammered as I then waste more time recovering. I want creative interesting things in my life and I hope I achieve that. I am hoping it won’t cost the earth, and that I can find a happy balance. And I guess that is what it all seems to be about these days, finding that happy balance. Building your own little corner of the world that is as nice and pretty and weed free as you can make it.

So I guess it’s all about time management, keeping smiling and doing your best. Sounds so simple in theory doesn’t it.

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