Monday, 10 May 2010

Random Thought Patterns

So......we have a hung parliament in England.....I kindof know what this means but not what it really 'means' to this country - other than of course it means that none of the 3 leading parties were deemed good enough by the UK folk and those parties should frankly feel a little bit ashamed of themselves.

A volcano erupting, earthquakes, tsunami's, oil spills etc etc...Mother Nature seems right royally pissed off to me!

I had a reply from Tesco re: the Palm Oil and it was much of a muchness. Policies in place, but no real changed until 2015 or they hope at least. I feel a bit disheartened. BUT I have heard that Lush Cosmetics have taken over a year working on something they can put in soap instead of Palm Oil and now, apparently, non of their soap contains Palm Oil at all. Three cheers for Lush Cosmetics.

On another cruelty for no reason type of subject - Scientists are wasting, sorry, spending time working out the different expressions of pain that mice show by mutilating them in surgical ways and by injecting chilli type substances into their feet. Really? In this day and age? Come on I can tell you without any money being spent that it's going to hurt and they will show this with a severe head twitch and a scream OK! And what do you know - my guess is not far from their findings.

On a happier note I have been acing my course and with a bit of luck will find a bit more time to Blog properly soon.


  1. So much crap going on, yeah? So sick of turning on the news or reading about it on the net, and only seeing negative!

    Gr8 job on your "course."


  2. I know, it's like no politician ever truely sticks to their word and sometimes shit just happens - it doesn't matter who is in power. I hate all the childish behaviour that goes with it sometimes - the media mainly to blame I am sure.
    Thanks re my course. It's a comprehensive writing course, so far so good ☺