Saturday, 22 May 2010

Plastic Fantastic

Well, I actually mean quite the opposite. I don't think plastic is fantastic, on so many levels. Environmentally I think it's becoming a nightmare but I am talking about the plastic creatures that are walking this earth more often than not fobbing themselves off as don't I sound harsh. Or actors getting so much work done their faces just look weird and surely making it harder for them to get work?

Now, I am all for making the most of yourself and not walking around like a total scrotter but I also believe in liking who you are and trying to be comfortable in your own skin. This is also an important message for all the young, vulnerable and easily led children around us. As adults it's almost our responsibility to set a good example. OK, that sentence in itself sounds like I am opening up a never ending argument about how we could be doing more to set an example for our youth. Right now I just want to focus on the subject of image.

If someone has had to have their breasts removed due to breast cancer, I understand the desire for implants to be put in. If someone has been disfigured due to an accident, I understand the need for surgery. I just don't like it when you see people (quite often women....hello beauty myth time) but you see these women walking along and quite often they look in pain. Features don't fit their face or everything seems so pumped up it's going to burst. I personally don't think that is a good look and quite often botox makes someone look older after a few times of having it injected, and please lets not forget that this is actually a poison to us and we don't actually know the effects of long term use of such a product - but I am guessing it's not going to be pretty. More often than not I see plastic surgeons that have had no work or little work done to themselves, should this not be setting off alarm bells? People that are so fragile, and when you dig just under the surface they appear to have suffered from some form of horrible abuse. Therefore do they not really need a psychiatrists coach and not a plastic surgeon? Does Joan Rivers really look young? No, she looks weird, bless her.

Laughter lines are a sign of a happy person not something to hide in my opinion, and again it is just that, my opinion. And it's not because I feel like I am beyond perfecting - I have huge issues with self esteem but I know that it's me that has to work on that and no amount of surgery is going to change that - in fact it could even make me feel more insecure.

I will keep the friend I had the following conversation with nameless and I hope that if she reads this that she realises I am not making a dig just highlighting something that concerns me. Said friend has had a nose job. At quite a young age. Before she had grown into her face and before her face had stopped growing and changing. Once she had, had this done, was she happy? Well not for long it would appear as she then started to think her lips looked too thin and now has fillers put in a few times a year. It looks sore and painful when she's first had them done, and looks like an allergic reaction - that sort of things worries me. Anyway - she's still not happy and is now thinking her eyes look wrong. You can see the pattern, and that saddens me as I know my friend to be a pretty girl. Without all this work. Now this is nothing compared to some but I can see that cycle starting. She feels that the perfect woman is the plastic woman, even going as far as to say that Heidi Montag is now pretty....universally her work is being hailed as a bit of a freak show, especially on someone so young, she herself admits to being in constant pain. And all for what, to look like a human Barbie doll? Who incidentally - if Barbie was scaled up to human size she would be about 5 stone and of such extreme proportions she might not live. Not a healthy model really ay!?!

I felt that a lot of men I knew or had heard comment on women, actually preferred their girlfriend the most when they were in their pj's having just woken up all scruffy and totally them. Not when they are so dressed up all the time that they are scared to touch them for fear of putting a hair out of place or smudging their lipstick. Lads might comment on the trophy girlfriend when they are with their friends but 9/10 would not want that in reality.

Children as young as 5 are suffering from anorexia. That can't be good. The Beauty Myth has been there to keep women worrying about something and never feeling good enough but surely this has gone too far? Look at poor old Lola Ferrari - so much surgery that she couldn't lie down otherwise she's suffocate, this lady had issues but bigger still was the schmuck who kept operating on her just for the dollar. Lola died many years ago, sad but true. Marilyn Monroe was a pretty lady - before all the surgery - yes surgery - she had way more than I even knew was around at that time, and that kind of makes me feel sad. Even Marilyn Monroe was told she wasn't good enough and believed it.

I wish people would relax and just have fun, laugh heartedly and not worry about whether it's showing wrinkles round their eyes. We'll grow up a nation of more secure people that are ageing gracefully and not walking around rigid with botox and pain.

Be yourself and be happy. If you need some help with that - see a psychiatrist and not a surgeon....please.

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