Thursday, 20 May 2010

Got any change sir?

Well I didn't - my diary did - somehow whilst I was off work a calendar of quotes appeared on my desk - sometimes it's funny, sometimes plain stupid and sometimes it really does make sense.

Today's says: The most damaging phrase in language is 'It's always been done that way'.

It was just another flippant comment to read and then I thought about how it holds so many people back. Human nature seems to be a creature of habit but at the same time we were given feet - if we weren't meant to keep moving we wouldn't have them. The world evolves and changes little by little every day but we, as humans, seem to be against this or rebel against it or just get plain old scared about it. But we too change little by little every day. We don't always notice it. Sometimes we look in the mirror seeing the same old face, then one day, suddenly (alhtough not really at all) we suddenly look 20 years older.

Many people deny change or kick out hard against it and if we only put the same effort into embracing it, just think what we could achieve.

There is so much we do in a day that we do just because.....some we can't help but even little things like varying your route to work - it keeps you that little bit more alive sometimes. Yesterday I did just that - I got off the bus early to walk and bumped into my friend and her baby boy, and a big smile from him was a way better way to start the day than just having stayed on that bus.

I guess that is part of the reason again to start my other blog ( now I have to keep looking and searching so that I can find an interesting or different 'photo a day'.

Never stay still - it doesn't matter how long you stand in the same spot your foot will never set roots, so make the most of that and keep yourself free.


  1. Gr8 post... Ironically, I just wrote something on this very subject, and will post it tonight or tomorrow.

    Change is constant. Every living thing grows, changes, evolves. Only humans have found a way to live in a "state of stuck," where staying-the-course is o.k. and almost expected!


  2. Thank you and very true words that you speak there - why do we do that!?!?!

    Just off to read your post ☺