Sunday, 2 May 2010


Darren and I had the week off work - it had gotten to the point that I didn't care that we hadn't got around to booking an actual holiday anywhere - I realised I just needed a bit of time out - I hadn't had a break from work since June 2009 (I don't really count Christmas as I was still recovering from my operation).

We've had a lovely time of making like tourists in the city we live in - it's really captured our hearts again with the architecture and the history of the city and we found some places we have never seen before. One thing I did note whilst in the actual 'City' of London was how all the people in suits were rushing around, mobile phone glued to their ears, a frown on and smoking like you wouldn't believe......suddenly I realised that job satisfaction really is worth more than a massive pay cheque - sure, you need to be able to survive - but were the luxuries (more often that not material items) really worth the stress that these people had leaking out of every pore? No siree not for me.

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