Sunday, 16 May 2010

Cup of tea and a slice of cake

I love tea cups and teapots. I don't know why. It could be a British thing. But there's something very lovely about making tea properly.

I've spent the weekend with my best friend - big buckets of hot chocolate, buying teacups......and can't really beat it. The only drawback is the train and tube ride there and back - I would be so happy if someone could invent a new mode of transport....the long blink! Blink and you're back where you need to be. Anyway....I am going to start a new project (or famous last words, not sure yet) - a photo a day to see how the year progresses, I also bought a new camera and feel the need to play. I also seem to have somehow volunteered myself to be the photographer at a friends wedding....cripes! Anyhow, I wish everyone would do this project as I think it would stop us all being in such a hurry - stop us all from just getting from A to B and we'd actually make the journey part of the experience - which is kindof how we should live our lives is it not!?

I've also invested in my first old school camera - I've never really bothered with anything much more than a point and shoot before and have also wished for my own dark room so I could develop my own photos - then the age of digital happened and all those things became quite obsolete. Until now it would seem. Years ago I got into the whole Holga and Lomography cameras - and now even proper fashion photographers are starting to use them - trying to get some new edge on photography I guess. Suddenly photography is becoming accessible to everyone in many different formats and I for one am very pleased with people being able to be creative more easily. and somewhere I plan to visit soon Lomography Gallery Store in London. They are plastic cameras and sometimes let the light leak in, but in a way that doesn't ruin a photo but adds a dimension to it. I've never wanted to undertake a photography course as I want to do it my way, mistakes and all as sometimes that is how you find a new angle for a photograph.

I also stumbled across and article about BCBG Max Azria.
That the designs will finally be available in the UK. Finally? never really heard much about him before......he does some nice dresses BUT the ultimate find was Miss Bibi. How utterly gorgeous!!!!

Miss Bibi then reminds me of a fantastic book I read the other day - From A to Biba by Barbara Hulanicki. If you like fashion you should read it. The woman was an inspiration - she created a whole cult lifestyle with her Biba stores. My mom remembers everyone wanting to be a Biba girl, ok most of the men didn't but you know what I mean. I would love to sit down and have tea with Barbara.

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