Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Just me, myself and I.

So splashed across the front of every tabloid again is poor old Jennifer 1 million dollars an episode of friends Aniston. She had her husband cheat on her and a few relationships that haven’t worked out – why does that make her this poor pathetic creature? She has a tonne of money, she has a close group of friends, she has her pets, hey what more does a woman want!?!

Pressure all the time.

Pressure on kids. Pressure on new moms to lose weight. Pressure on everyone to be in a relationship. But a relationship doesn’t define who you are. It’s not a necessity – it’s something you should choose if you want and choose wisely but for some reason society is very suspicious of the single woman – maybe more so than the single man – as he’s just seen to be playing the field whereas a woman is seen to be incomplete of a pathetic little soul to be on her own.

Why is that?

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