Thursday, 8 April 2010

I think I might also like to just add........

.....that I am a little fed up with bands being all about the money and not enough about the heart - nowhere near enough about backing up the words that 'this is for the fans'. Venues are expensive I understand but fans are what put you there so don't alienate them.

Remember the difficulties of people getting home safely.

Remember that not everyone has tonnes of spare cash....if Radiohead can do it I am sure others can find a middle ground.

I used to think I was just talking about such musicians as Madonna, Rod Stewart, etc etc but today I sadly add Blink 182 to the mix....what is going on with them? The tour has been on the cards for such a long time - the rest of the world waited patiently whilst the USA got a massive tour - we kept waiting and finally it was announced that a world tour was being planned. We waited some more. And some more. And finally in drips and drabs the tour dates started to be announced....with many expected venues not being used. With many countries not being visited. With many places having tickets going on sale without being announced properly. With some pre-sale sites not seeming to work and only those in 'the know' being able to find the right links. Even websites not being updated properly.

Is that really making it a thank you for the fans? I think not.

Yeah maybe I am just peed off today!


  1. Kinda sounds like you're "peed off today," but you make sense... definitely.

    (I'm going to use peed off more).

  2. Haha yeah one of the lovely UK sayings....and yeah I think I was just a bit 'peed off' ☺☺