Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I finally got my bag - remember the bag I won at the start of 2010 end or 2009 - it took a lot of hassle to get it sent to me which kindof dampened the excitement of winning it....but it was finally here and it's better late than never and all that jazz. Anyway, it was from Aspinals - apparently worth £250. I've never been one for labels for the sake of them so I have never really owned anything too extravagant - so I thought it would be an interesting test on myself. Would I love it now it was free? Would I love showing off the label? Would I be proud of my expensive non purchase?

Well the truth was it turned up - I unwrapped it - took it out of it's dust cloth and was a little saddened. The chain of the strap was very heavy and felt of quality BUT the bag was on a key lock with a little attachment to the strap to hold the key on - it didn't reach the lock - and had a glue smear on it. Inside was a mirror in the little pouch compartment - oozing glue.......now I got this for free and thought 'oh!' and I have managed to sort it out so it's all lovely and how I expected it to be but really £250 and it turns up like that!??!?!!

Which got me thinking about how much we are suckered into such things - how often have you gone high end high street only to find the label of where it has been made is the same as Primark!? How often do you see 'celebrities' in dresses that have cost the best part of your yearly income and then you see them looking like it's been screwed up in a cupboard for weeks (and maybe it has but I doubt it) or they have a strap broke - now I don't know about you but I would be mega annoyed if that happened with my £50 dress let alone my dress worth thousands.

Is it me or do you think sometimes we are being fed a right load of rubbish?

I bought a dress at the weekend that had been reduced a few times and it ended up costing me £3.50 = love it!


  1. that's really disappointing, you should email them and make sure you get what you won, you don't need a shoddy version! Or well there's always ebay :) Loving your blog, we'll definitely be back, come follow TBAG if you fancy! Bonne nuit xx

  2. Oh indeed I like your thinking ☺ I like your kind words even more ☺☺