Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Can I hear a 'Grrr'?

This weekend was lovely - I got some of my assignment done - so felt nicely creative and accomplished - I stayed away from the charity stores to tighten my purse strings just a little so that I will be able to do something more than stare at walls for my rapidly approaching week off. So me and D went to Regents Park - I felt so happy - the sun was out, we had ice cream, a pub lunch - being out and about with nature, near water....you get the picture - I was happy! Then this little kid started up a bubble machine and I was just fit to burst..... but then I saw this.......

You could say how resourceful or what? But look at the ducklets nest - the nest that is being built with such love and attention - made up of a few twigs but a lot of ice cream wrappers, plastic bags and chocolate wrappers. The saddest thing was that there was a bin right there on the pavement....well yeah stupid - it wouldn't be in the water would it - but it made me feel so sad for the poor thing - all this badness that could very easily choke or suffocate itself or it's young. Humans can be so destructive - even amongst such tranquil beauty.

The other thing that is really getting my goat - to coin a phrase I really don't understand....is someone from work. I feel bad about this as I don't quite know what to say. The old me would just say something but now I understand that sometimes it's better to shut up and put up or get out. Every day there is moaning about how much they don't like this person or that person or doesn't like the job. Always snide remarks about people and things. This person can be really funny but all the above is starting to really get me down about my job. There is no management structure as such here to be able to go and talk to someone about this - but it makes me feel bad to have all this negativity around all day - to always be feeling like I have to walk on eggshells and to always have that niggle in your head that if they are saying this about others, what is being said about you!?! I hate feeling this way about work and I don't when I am on top form or that person isn't it. But that will be the other 'Grrr' I am feeling today. Thank you for giving me a place to vent!

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