Monday, 26 April 2010

Breaking up in transmission

Well what a lovely few days I have had - I went to the filming of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. I never used to find the guy funny in his youth - but either he found his funny streak or my humour changed as I now love this show and happily stay in on a Friday night to watch it. Yeah think whatever you want from that but at least I am honest. Now sadly there are only a few months left of this being on TV - I am hoping he goes on to do something bigger and better - in the meantime I was so made up to get tickets to go and watch the filming. Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jnr were meant to be on - quite a line up - I've met Robert a couple of times before through work and know he's a funny guy - so I was really looking forward to it. Then the sentance I never thought I would ever type happened. A volcanic eruption meant people couldn't get into or out of the country. So we had Louie from the Pineapple Studios and Jeremy Clarkson instead - not quite the same but still really funny nevertheless. Oh yeah and music was from Paul Weller but the less said about that the better. The Jam had some good songs I will give you that but the guy is just another monkey boy.

As for the volcano - apparently all is ok again but I am bit confuddled by the press coverage. The only thing talked about was the holiday makers that were stranded on holiday, and lets be honest that could be worse - as long as you had insurance you just were forced to stay on holiday longer.....oh well..........but what about food supplies, and fresh flowers (there must've been some really pretty ports during those few days) and more importantly what about the environmental effects of this if you please? But no nada - nothing.

On another HUGE note my little brother (he's way over 6 foot so not so little but hey he'll always be my kid bro), well his band Jet-Pack have just done a cd and I kid you not -it's good - damn good but not only that - THEY GOT PLAYED ON THE RADIO. Happy days! Check them out if you can hear them here - Jet-Pack.

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