Thursday, 8 April 2010


The news is full of affairs, war and break ups. I feel for Sandra Bullock on this one - she seems to have been super duped by a super ass - that's got to sting far more. I can't imagine having everything you think you know turned upside down, inside out and back again - I hope I never have to find out - and in front of the nations press as well - wooooo soldier.
Lenny Henry and Dawn French have parted ways after 25 years of I don't find either of them particularly funny but why now after 25 years? Surely if something really bugged you, you'd get out sooner? Or if you could put up with it for 25 years could you not just put up with it? I see more and more woman doing this - getting towards their twilight years and thinking 'fuck it'.

Is there no such thing as Happy Ever After...damn bloody disney filling my head with such stuff.
But to be honest - I like it and I will continue to dream about it thank you very much indeed.

Fashion doesn't seem to be having much of a happily ever after with a new take on padded khaki green military gear and then clogs for shoes - I mean how many times and in how many ways can I say 'No'!

But all is not lost - seems the summer is going to embrace the floral dresses again with a nice take on 40's glamour - love it! Although red lipstick in the sun when eating ice cream is not always good - I am yet to see anyone with a lip print on their chin looking that sexy to be honest. I always think a little bit of elegance in a look can go a long it my Audrey obsession I don't know but I've always liked those finishing touches - throw an outfit together but accessorise well at the least, even if your nail polish is chipped to high heaven.

Fashion repeats itself so often these days I don't know if you can stick to the old saying of 'if you wore it the first time round you shouldn't wear it the second' so here the good old rule of accessorising comes into play again - how different can you make an outfit with the right belt or hair piece or necklace.

Thinks of how different just red lipstick can make something look.

One of the many reasons I will always love being a girl.

This also reminds me of the film Pleasantville - a staple film to go back to when I have a moment. I love how as the town comes alive and people start to really live - they all become colourful, so if the fuller life you have the more colour you have then please paint me a rainbow right now.

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