Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A dog isn't just for life - it gives life

I've just read two brilliant books.

One called Endal and one called A Friend Like Henry.

Endal is about a man that is injured in the Iraq war whilst on friendly duty. He cannot walk and has lost a huge chunk of his memory - the part that remembers his wife and children for example. He becomes a very withdrawn and grumpy man. His wife is exasperated and doesn't know what to do. I sometimes wonder how she stayed with this man that was so ungrateful to her and was basically a stranger to her, as she was to him. Over the course of time they end up finding out about these dogs that are trained up to help people with disabilities........the man finds a new friend in Endal. This dog helps him in everything - even being able to use a cashpoint. He gives the man back his spirit and makes life live able again for the whole family - rather than just barely surviving.

A Friend Like Henry is another true story - about a young boy who has autism and how his mother is fighting and struggling for the authorities to take notice and to give her son the care he needs and the help she needs before she looses him to the world of autism forever. This little dog Henry is what brings around such a dramatic change for the whole family and becomes a life line for this little boy - he brings joy to the whole family and becomes a voice and a companion to the boy. This little dog totally changes their lives.

There are such things as pat dogs as well that are taken around to hospitals for children and adults to pet. The joy these animals gives them is beyond words. People convalescing from illnesses and operations are greatly enhanced by being around pets - especially dogs. There are even some companies that understand the benefit of this and have a bring your pet to work day. Those days the average stress in the office/workplace is greatly reduced.

What a shame that so many youngsters (ha how I make myself sound so old) are now using these wonderful creatures to fight and be part of the gang culture that is slowly creeping into every corner of this country.

Seeing how these dogs have bought children out of their silent horror of the disabled world they are in - seeing how they bring a smile to the most critically ill children and adults - seeing how they help someone lost in their inner torment find a voice - well I have a new found respect and something else to start researching.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Breaking up in transmission

Well what a lovely few days I have had - I went to the filming of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. I never used to find the guy funny in his youth - but either he found his funny streak or my humour changed as I now love this show and happily stay in on a Friday night to watch it. Yeah think whatever you want from that but at least I am honest. Now sadly there are only a few months left of this being on TV - I am hoping he goes on to do something bigger and better - in the meantime I was so made up to get tickets to go and watch the filming. Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jnr were meant to be on - quite a line up - I've met Robert a couple of times before through work and know he's a funny guy - so I was really looking forward to it. Then the sentance I never thought I would ever type happened. A volcanic eruption meant people couldn't get into or out of the country. So we had Louie from the Pineapple Studios and Jeremy Clarkson instead - not quite the same but still really funny nevertheless. Oh yeah and music was from Paul Weller but the less said about that the better. The Jam had some good songs I will give you that but the guy is just another monkey boy.

As for the volcano - apparently all is ok again but I am bit confuddled by the press coverage. The only thing talked about was the holiday makers that were stranded on holiday, and lets be honest that could be worse - as long as you had insurance you just were forced to stay on holiday longer.....oh well..........but what about food supplies, and fresh flowers (there must've been some really pretty ports during those few days) and more importantly what about the environmental effects of this if you please? But no nada - nothing.

On another HUGE note my little brother (he's way over 6 foot so not so little but hey he'll always be my kid bro), well his band Jet-Pack have just done a cd and I kid you not -it's good - damn good but not only that - THEY GOT PLAYED ON THE RADIO. Happy days! Check them out if you want.....you can hear them here - Jet-Pack.


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Mirror mirror on the wall.....

Nicholas Kirkwood shoes - I would never be able to walk in such high heels but if I could, it's like eye masks for your feet - or something. They're not just shoes they are kind of works of art.

Ashish UK - good shapes - clouds - hearts - what is not to love!

Just me, myself and I.

So splashed across the front of every tabloid again is poor old Jennifer 1 million dollars an episode of friends Aniston. She had her husband cheat on her and a few relationships that haven’t worked out – why does that make her this poor pathetic creature? She has a tonne of money, she has a close group of friends, she has her pets, hey what more does a woman want!?!

Pressure all the time.

Pressure on kids. Pressure on new moms to lose weight. Pressure on everyone to be in a relationship. But a relationship doesn’t define who you are. It’s not a necessity – it’s something you should choose if you want and choose wisely but for some reason society is very suspicious of the single woman – maybe more so than the single man – as he’s just seen to be playing the field whereas a woman is seen to be incomplete of a pathetic little soul to be on her own.

Why is that?

Thursday, 15 April 2010

May the force be with you..........but mostly with me.

Airports all over Britain are closing today due to the dust from the Volcanic eruption in Iceland.
Now I’ve heard the funny jokes about Kerry Katona exploding and I’ve been quite amused/bemused to hear such reports in the UK as you just don’t expect it – the last volcanic eruptions in the UK were many, many years ago. Another part of me would love to be in Iceland to see all this going on. Quite spectacular if not a bit sneezey.

I’ve had a grey cloud of my own all week and it’s been horrible. I didn’t quite understand what it was about and I don’t think I do now – but it’s starting to lift and life is going back to feeling like a skittles packet again. The power of friends is all I can say about that one. Just knowing the people that make you feel good about being you and know how to lift your spirits and to make you laugh.

Never underestimate the power of laughter.

And good friends and wine!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Can I hear a 'Grrr'?

This weekend was lovely - I got some of my assignment done - so felt nicely creative and accomplished - I stayed away from the charity stores to tighten my purse strings just a little so that I will be able to do something more than stare at walls for my rapidly approaching week off. So me and D went to Regents Park - I felt so happy - the sun was out, we had ice cream, a pub lunch - being out and about with nature, near water....you get the picture - I was happy! Then this little kid started up a bubble machine and I was just fit to burst..... but then I saw this.......

You could say how resourceful or what? But look at the ducklets nest - the nest that is being built with such love and attention - made up of a few twigs but a lot of ice cream wrappers, plastic bags and chocolate wrappers. The saddest thing was that there was a bin right there on the pavement....well yeah stupid - it wouldn't be in the water would it - but it made me feel so sad for the poor thing - all this badness that could very easily choke or suffocate itself or it's young. Humans can be so destructive - even amongst such tranquil beauty.

The other thing that is really getting my goat - to coin a phrase I really don't understand....is someone from work. I feel bad about this as I don't quite know what to say. The old me would just say something but now I understand that sometimes it's better to shut up and put up or get out. Every day there is moaning about how much they don't like this person or that person or doesn't like the job. Always snide remarks about people and things. This person can be really funny but all the above is starting to really get me down about my job. There is no management structure as such here to be able to go and talk to someone about this - but it makes me feel bad to have all this negativity around all day - to always be feeling like I have to walk on eggshells and to always have that niggle in your head that if they are saying this about others, what is being said about you!?! I hate feeling this way about work and I don't when I am on top form or that person isn't it. But that will be the other 'Grrr' I am feeling today. Thank you for giving me a place to vent!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

I think I might also like to just add........

.....that I am a little fed up with bands being all about the money and not enough about the heart - nowhere near enough about backing up the words that 'this is for the fans'. Venues are expensive I understand but fans are what put you there so don't alienate them.

Remember the difficulties of people getting home safely.

Remember that not everyone has tonnes of spare cash....if Radiohead can do it I am sure others can find a middle ground.

I used to think I was just talking about such musicians as Madonna, Rod Stewart, etc etc but today I sadly add Blink 182 to the mix....what is going on with them? The tour has been on the cards for such a long time - the rest of the world waited patiently whilst the USA got a massive tour - we kept waiting and finally it was announced that a world tour was being planned. We waited some more. And some more. And finally in drips and drabs the tour dates started to be announced....with many expected venues not being used. With many countries not being visited. With many places having tickets going on sale without being announced properly. With some pre-sale sites not seeming to work and only those in 'the know' being able to find the right links. Even websites not being updated properly.

Is that really making it a thank you for the fans? I think not.

Yeah maybe I am just peed off today!

May I just say....................


The news is full of affairs, war and break ups. I feel for Sandra Bullock on this one - she seems to have been super duped by a super ass - that's got to sting far more. I can't imagine having everything you think you know turned upside down, inside out and back again - I hope I never have to find out - and in front of the nations press as well - wooooo soldier.
Lenny Henry and Dawn French have parted ways after 25 years of marriage....now I don't find either of them particularly funny but why now after 25 years? Surely if something really bugged you, you'd get out sooner? Or if you could put up with it for 25 years could you not just put up with it? I see more and more woman doing this - getting towards their twilight years and thinking 'fuck it'.

Is there no such thing as Happy Ever After...damn bloody disney filling my head with such stuff.
But to be honest - I like it and I will continue to dream about it thank you very much indeed.

Fashion doesn't seem to be having much of a happily ever after with a new take on padded khaki green military gear and then clogs for shoes - I mean how many times and in how many ways can I say 'No'!

But all is not lost - seems the summer is going to embrace the floral dresses again with a nice take on 40's glamour - love it! Although red lipstick in the sun when eating ice cream is not always good - I am yet to see anyone with a lip print on their chin looking that sexy to be honest. I always think a little bit of elegance in a look can go a long way....call it my Audrey obsession I don't know but I've always liked those finishing touches - throw an outfit together but accessorise well at the least, even if your nail polish is chipped to high heaven.

Fashion repeats itself so often these days I don't know if you can stick to the old saying of 'if you wore it the first time round you shouldn't wear it the second' so here the good old rule of accessorising comes into play again - how different can you make an outfit with the right belt or hair piece or necklace.

Thinks of how different just red lipstick can make something look.

One of the many reasons I will always love being a girl.

This also reminds me of the film Pleasantville - a staple film to go back to when I have a moment. I love how as the town comes alive and people start to really live - they all become colourful, so if the fuller life you have the more colour you have then please paint me a rainbow right now.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I finally got my bag - remember the bag I won at the start of 2010 end or 2009 - it took a lot of hassle to get it sent to me which kindof dampened the excitement of winning it....but it was finally here and it's better late than never and all that jazz. Anyway, it was from Aspinals - apparently worth £250. I've never been one for labels for the sake of them so I have never really owned anything too extravagant - so I thought it would be an interesting test on myself. Would I love it now it was free? Would I love showing off the label? Would I be proud of my expensive non purchase?

Well the truth was it turned up - I unwrapped it - took it out of it's dust cloth and was a little saddened. The chain of the strap was very heavy and felt of quality BUT the bag was on a key lock with a little attachment to the strap to hold the key on - it didn't reach the lock - and had a glue smear on it. Inside was a mirror in the little pouch compartment - oozing glue.......now I got this for free and thought 'oh!' and I have managed to sort it out so it's all lovely and how I expected it to be but really £250 and it turns up like that!??!?!!

Which got me thinking about how much we are suckered into such things - how often have you gone high end high street only to find the label of where it has been made is the same as Primark!? How often do you see 'celebrities' in dresses that have cost the best part of your yearly income and then you see them looking like it's been screwed up in a cupboard for weeks (and maybe it has but I doubt it) or they have a strap broke - now I don't know about you but I would be mega annoyed if that happened with my £50 dress let alone my dress worth thousands.

Is it me or do you think sometimes we are being fed a right load of rubbish?

I bought a dress at the weekend that had been reduced a few times and it ended up costing me £3.50 = love it!