Friday, 12 March 2010

Wandering and wondering

There are drinks after work today - I still haven't been out with the whole of work - is it bad that I probably won't be going to night either? I see people for chit chats at work but I don't really work within any team so I find it weird to go out on a social. Saying that I know that the only way to truely break the ice is to go - but I can be quite shy like that. As a group - I don't know them at all - some of the people here I just never see so you can't build a raport up like that. The people I see most often are not going tonight anyway - it's a dilemma I didn't think I'd find myself in. I used to love going out - anywhere - anytime - these days - nah I am such a home body, but I think it's made me quite shy.

I met a lovely actress today - it's not the first time but I commented on how elegant she is and my boss said that she has in built style - and I thought that was lovely. So you can do what you want with fashion - what you really need is in built style!

Speaking of style - I have another recommendation for fashion reads - The Meaning of Sunglasses by Hadley Freeman. It's broken down into an A - Z of fashion - but it's funny - and in places laugh out loud funny. It's a mini guide but it also takes the michael out of so many 'fashion beliefs', it's also very down to earth which is such a refreshing change in the world of fashion - every now and then it happens and when it does - embrace it!


  1. Aww I know how you feel, it can be tough to break the ice but once you do it is easy to move on. Socialising with work colleagues is weird because it is not a natural situation and can feel forced.

  2. You are totally spot on there - it's not a normal situation at all - maybe one day I'll find the courage - thank you!