Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Tra la la

So BBC wants to save some dollar - so it looks at its radio stations and one of the ones it thinks to axe is called Radio 6 - some of you might have heard of it? I mean it's only one of the reasons many have bought digital radios for - and if the BBC wants to save money WTF have they seen how many re runs they have on these days and normally of absolute rubbish too! New music is being found and delivered to the ears of listeners through Radio 6 and these bands or individuals are a darn sight better than the rubbish that is getting produced through these 'talent' shows on TV.

A major factor of where the industry messed up was the ridiculous pay outs it gave to stars such as Robbie Williams - such big sums that the smaller bands were suffering. It only took said big star to not make as good a return as hoped for and bands were being axed left right and centre for no good reason. At the risk of being naughty here a lot of money gets blown on blow - quite frankly - have you met some of the big bosses....well I don't want to get rude but..........anyhow - these newer bands were being given big advances and not always fully understanding the terms - ok, so maybe that is their fault - this is business after all BUT BUT BUT if they went top ten in the charts when their previous album got to number 1 some were being dropped as not being good enough. Oh my, so it's perfection we're after - well when it's appealing to an individual on a multiple level how can it be 'perfect' and whose 'perfect' are we talking about here?

So - it costs £9m for Radio 6 to be out there for us all and £79m for 640 top management, I know where the cuts should be made - don't you!?!?!?

Top people who present the shows on BBC are being asked to take pay cuts - are the fat cats behind it all? I am not sure - but maybe it's really not enough? I mean no one in this country wants to pay the £140+ tv licence - so that has to say something about the standard of the things the BBC is picking - it shows it's not popular - so one of the few things they produce that is popular is BBC Radio 6 - so they are getting rid....and Friday night with Jonathan Ross - going - ah yes so next time they think of something - maybe they should do the opposite.

I used to get so excited about new music - always checking the new releases, spending hours pouring over records - I even had my own fanzine once upon a time - now? I am so out of touch it's embarassing.

So what's the answer? I dunno but it reall does seem to be do the opposite of what BBC bosses suggest and um musicians remember who put you where you are and don't go charging silly money for things like tour tickets - you hear me Madonna!!! To name but one.

Rant over - I am signing off.xx


  1. Good morning Alison. i hope your still healthy:)
    That pic of the cash looks cool, sad isnt it that if we had that, all the good we'd do with it.
    I have a theory,
    BBC6 is doing this to scare everyone, that way when they raise the fee for your licence, you will be so greatful that 6 will remain.

  2. Ooo cynical you but probably true ☺
    Yeah I hope I am still healthy too - thank you! I am off out for pizza with the girls tonight so that's not particularly healthy - but I'll walk to the further tube to make up for it....maybe haha.