Wednesday, 17 March 2010


is a new day - as is each day and I keep trying to be really grateful for that and realise that no matter what happens each new day is like a new start....or it can be if you want it to be.

I understood two words more fully whilst day dreaming on my way to work. One is the word 'local' it has this weird sense of belonging attached to it - and there's some comfort to that in this day and age - where you don't really know your neighbours or wouldn't really know if the old lady down the road hasn't collected her milk for the last 5 days. So I like the word local.

The other word is 'Respect'. For oneself and for other people......without it you have a big human flaw that you don't need to hold onto. Above all I try to behave in a way that I feel that I have respected myself. Each night I go to bed knowing that I haven't treated anyone really badly or done anyone wrong - or certainly not intentionally - I can put my head on the pillow with a clean conscience. And that to me is Success.

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