Wednesday, 31 March 2010

It's almost time for the bunny rabbit

So this week has been a wash out - well and truely - most mornings the sun hints at being all bold and shiny and bright but alas by lunch time it's gone shy again. Parts of the country are covered in snow again - ewww - what is that about.

On a plus - this week and next is a 4 day week - woo hoo - time to kick back, see the family, eat chocolate and hide from the bad weather.

I also just got tickets through to go and be part of the audience for Friday Night with Jonathan Ross - let's hope he has a super amazing fun filled show that week!?!

I found a new favorite film this week and another that made me laugh - 500 days of Summer (although at times I really thought it was 500 days of Alison - but only when she is nice you hear me). This lead me to check out the band She & Him and I love love love.

So - the film. It's not a love story - it sounds like it might be but it's not. It's quirky. Funny. Painful. Real. Mean. Sometimes down right lovely. It was a bit scary for me as not only do I have the same hair as the main character and very similar style - she also did some things that I do - and just as I was starting to get a little freaked out in comes a new character called Alison!?! It's not so romantic that a boy won't be able to get something from the film - you should go watch it - it's fabba!!!!! (as my friend Sophie B would say).

(see look at this poster - told you it was really 500 day of alison)
The other film is called A Serious Man and boy oh boy does this poor man just keep getting kicked when he's down - it's very dark but funny - it's not laugh out loud wet your pants laughing but you keep smirking and nodding in agreement as the crap this poor mans life keeps dealing up for him and just as you think things might work in his favor and he's the good guy that is finally going to get the breaks -uh oh - big fat no it all goes so terribly terribly wrong with such a tragic ending hinted at you can't help but laugh.


  1. hm...500 days of summer wasnt as good as someone expected it to

  2. Hmmm I think I see what you mean but I like the concept and I think my imagination filled in the gaps that the film left ☺