Sunday, 7 March 2010

In my defence....

...I've had quite a bit of time on my hands this weekend to think and ponder - so I did.

I found that I was getting quite peeved with people going on and on about oh my gosh you just have to have these Mui Mui shoes and oh you don't have a Chanel clutch yet - heavens to betsy. Or, I love your dress - what label is it? The best I have yet to experience was in a job where people earned quite a bit of money - apart from the team I worked in - but we were friends - unlike the team that earned the money - funny that, anyway - I had on a lovely green wool mix coat - it reminded me of my great grandma..........I heard someone shout oh my god I love your coat - that is amazing - how much how much? I had the greatest pleasure in listening to them woffle on about how their designer coat looked so good now but they knew it would only do them one or two seasons and that it was like over £1,000 oh my.......all eyes turn to me as I elegantly stated 'Yeah a fiver, Camden market' I gave my sweetest smile and walked away as their jaws hit the floor - I knew they now wanted to hate the same coat they had just loved moments before.

Investment pieces? Right, well for one - we all change shape and size as we get older - or at least we should if we're not crash dieting and having surgery - so investment pieces would be kindof useless then right? Or they hang in a wardrobe not being touched or worn........but the thing is I get bored easily with my wardrobe.....I like different looks and fashion changes so frequently that, that in itself says it's kindof throw away. A lot of the catwalk shows have items too ridiculous to be on the high street or on most women but they are there to inspire........I've never been into labels..........I was given a Moschino coat once and I cut the label out as it itched my neck.........apparently this was terrible. Whatever. It's whether I like it or not that is important. Do I really want to spend my whole years clothing allowance on one item I will be too scared to wear - um Nope. It's not a case of can't afford it so I hate it all either. But I can't justify how it's OK to spend thousands and come home with one or two items when there are far more better causes out there.

The beauty myth is quite a heavy book to read but it does cover how women have been kept in place by this whole beauty myth - I won't say too much more about that as it could turn into a big rant but also you should read it and take from it what you will not what I tell you about it as it's my interpretation. Now men are also being kept in place a little by the same damn thing. It's a way to make money - plain and simple. If it makes you happy do it and all that but I am kindof fed up of people acting like every Tom, Dick and Harry can afford this and should do this and if they don't they are a very bad person and will never go to heaven or will be looked down upon for the rest of their lives.

I see people gutted that they forgot their £200 sunglasses were on the table in the cafe and walked out without one likes to lose or ruin things they like but when the average person has saved for ages for it - chances are it's going to piss them off for a lot longer........and these are not the things that we should really be spending our time worrying about.

So the rich people that can spend £100,000 or more at the drop of a hat - good on you - but something in me doesn't respect that too much. Some high end high street stores still have labels that say 'made in china' you hear what I am saying? So maybe designer isn't really exploiting the workers, but do I really need diamonds on the heels of my shoes? Even if I could buy 20 pairs without breaking a sweat or my heart missing a beat - just think about where those diamonds came from and what has happened to people to get to those diamonds......that would never sit well with my conscience. Now I am all for pretty things and I do like looking at these catwalk shows but I am realistic and I have morals. It's not about me lightening up or anything - I just hate how we are all being fed this need for things rather than experiences. How we are being made to think we should be living outside of our means. People almost bragging about spending hundreds of thousands because look how rich I am. Well, that don't make you a good person now does it. And no before anyone says I am not saying all rich people are bad people or anything like that - but I am saying that 'breed' of person who needs to have neon lights put around their overly indulgent purchases or life style.

Take it another step - we have a housing crisis but some individuals own 20 properties......something ain't right that we find this cool and the things to aspire to. I once worked with a group of kids that were going off the path of the legal people, a little lad - not yet a teen told me his career ambition was to be a hit man, I explained that it wasn't a job he was going to find in the paper and that it wasn't a legal living and he said yeah I don't care my uncle does it and he's loaded man, he's got a fancy car loads of diamonds.....I think I switched off for a second at this point and thought eeek look where so much of this is leading too. Jealously and the wrong ideals and morals.

Ah but who am I.........just a humble blog writer after all.


  1. totally agree. I'm a big fan of second hand shops for most things. To me, it just seems as though the world is drowning under this deluge of stuff but more and more keeps being made so that more and more people can buy it. There is so much which is already available, though, and which has been loved and cherished and has real charm to it. And it is that stuff which, despite the lowly price tag, is worth it.

  2. 800 billion the easy way. Buy a network, collaborate with corporate America. Sell show slots to friends. Sell commercials benefiting friends of corp. America. Control power by controlling the editorial staff and the spin on news. Famous people, coincidentally who work for Media, Film or Print, Sports, make the merchandise seem relevant and worthy. Afterall they own it. And they bought it with the money you gave thier bosses. So hurry up...they are going fast...thank you for an interesting Blog.
    Johnny Ready