Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I was so ill yesterday - shakes like you wouldn't believe - if I'd been holding a glass of milk it would've become milkshake in seconds.

There's a few things on my mind at the moment.

1. Isn't it nice to get sunshine - like SO nice - just to see sun and blue skies even if it's still cold - how amazing that sun feels on my skin after what seems like a really long time.

2. Someone said something to D about why he hadn't got a baby - and it's obvious because I've had a tumour in the way of a baby and I thought it was the lowest thing I have ever heard and I am normally not someone to bare a grudge but I'm finding it hard to let this one go........

3. I am already skint and have 4 weeks til my next pay day.

4. How to make my no money stretch.

5. Thinking about how much is on my doorstep in London and how I really need to do more and go to more exhibitions.

6. I am kick starting the exhibition thing with my friend SophieB....flower fairies and alice in wonderland - yeah!

7. I sorted out my wardrobe and am giving away 3 bags full of clothes - kindof sick in a way that I can give away so much - still be left with so much and still complain of nothing to wear.

8. I am still in love with my fringe and am beyond caring if that makes me sad.

9. This job makes me realise that I can't be bothered with small talk.

10. I think I'm starting to become OK with being me - but don't hold me to that one as I am sure by tomorrow I'll be crying into my tea about my face or something about me.

11. All this rain and sun and I still haven't been able to chase a rainbow.

12. I've had a million and one (slight exaggeration) presents to buy this month and this is why I am poor but I don't begrudge them.

13. I can't help giggle when people refer to someone as a little sausage as has just happened.

14. What's the secret to getting everything you need to get done in a day actually done and not added to the to do list?

15. How happy my friend Claire is with her birthday pressie from Jo and me - we fostered her a nellyphant.

16. I GOT MY TICKETS TO ALICE IN WONDERLAND...not that I am excited of course.

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