Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I just don't believe it!

I refuse to believe that every man would cheat if he thought he would get away with it - I think it's an insulting statement rather than me being niave.
It's not just men that cheat either I know that women do as well.

All in all I think it's a lowly thing to do - especially when children are involved.

I know that there are 'circumstances' to be considered but how hard is it to say well actually I realise that I want to bang other people so I think there must be a problem with us - and at least try to talk it through first - or leave!!! I've seen so many people's lives wrecked by someone cheating and not thinking through the consequences. We hear so often how deeply sorry said person was/is.....yeah, sorry you got caught if you were that sorry you'd never have done it!

Am I being hard? Or harsh? Oh well.

This has of course been brought about by Sandra Bullock (who seems like such a lovely lady) and her husbands latest revelations. And that woman he had a year long affair with - what a .......!?! I am so for sisterhood - respect your fellow women and don't do the dirty on them - I have zero respect for women that go after unavailable men and I have zero respect for men that say they were a) drunk (if you were that drunk honey you wouldn't be able to get it up) or b) since my baby was born she's been neglecting me (yes because there is a baby in the house that needs 24 hour attention you are meant to be an adult). Lame excuses. But when you look at the world of fame - so many successful women seem to find themselves in this situation - are men really that afraid of a successful woman? Is it not nice to have ambition and drive? It really does confuse me.

But then I try to live in a world where I don't do to someone what I wouldn't want done to me - and when I close my eyes the world sparkles and shines and we all treat each other with respect. It's a nice place, more people should try it out.


  1. Alison,

    I agree with you not only men but women do cheat on their partners and get away with it ... But thinking of y do they cheat is the question.. Is it that something is missing in their life ? i am sure few men who cheat have a valid reason ... Dont you think so ?

    Just a thought went through my mind while reading your post.. i love what you write... and i am clueless today .. day wasnt that good hence didnt want to write anything ...


  2. Hmmm I hear you but, and this is just my opinin of course, but I don't think anyone has a valid reason to cheat - they may have a valid reason to get out of a relationship but to cheat? That just messes people up - from what I have seen anyway - if something isn't working walk away - I know it's not always as simple as that but I guess people can make it easier - throwing other things in the mix especially when children are involved sets very bad examples and just tears people apart. If someone wants an open relationship then ask for it from the start - if someone is bored - I think they should communicate with their current partner first. There's a lot of news at the moment of people being murdered due to jealous spouses finding out about affairs - or very bad examples of women coming out of the wood work left right and centre to say they knowingly had an affair with a married man and I just hope that doesn't become a cool thing to do.
    Hope your day picks up though Nita.