Monday, 15 March 2010

How gorgeous is all that and how happy do you feel when you can feel the sun on your skin - protected by sun screen of course.

It's been a long winter in the UK and the sun is out today and has been present for much of the weekend and it's amazing how much happier people seem and how much nicer the world appears - just for this little ball of flames.

Which incidentally leads me on to my tv viewing on Sunday
"Wonders Of The Solar System (BBC2, 9pm) Professor Brian Cox" The title kind of gives it away as to what this programme is about but if you get to watch it - then do! It's mind blowing. These sorts of things can appear geeky but in that geeky cool way - it's so interesting to try to understand how 'all this' was put together. And to realise how ever many billions of years ago - all the matter that was needed to create the world today was there. Which made me think hmm so I wasn't just a twinkle in my daddy's eye after all - billions of years ago it was decided that I was going to be here......why not the sperm next to me? It sends me off on tangents and is such thought provoking information. From quite a small age the wonder of the universe have fascinated me and puzzled me and given me the biggest brain ache ever. I don't get it and I am sure I never will but I will continue to be fascinated by it all.

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