Sunday, 14 March 2010

Free museums rule!

I've added a couple of extra things to the list of stuff that makes me happy - one being making your own soup - I don't even think the outcome is that important - the smell is divine. The other is rotating doors....I spent a few minutes waiting for my friend SophieB yesterday and the swishing sound of the old wooden doors rotating was really soothing and it whiled away the minutes watching people getting stuck in them - amusement for free!

I spent the day going around the V&A museum - such a huge beautiful building with loads inside - one thing I didn't take pictures of was the history of Alice in Wonderland - I got too wrapped up in the different versions of the story - Alice in a rocket ship - Adolf in Blunderland (you can imagine) and um yeah the jewellery room - I started to take pictures and was kindly told to pack it in - I forgot there are jewels in there worth millions - I knew I wasn't going to plan a robbery but I guess the security didn't know this, shame as there was some serious bling in there.

I also bought a rather lovely book about the history of Biba called from A to Biba The Autobiography of Barbara Hulanicki - it must've been such an exciting time in the world of fashion - to be young and rich back then. We also found the cutest tea shop with lovely chandeliers where I got complimented on my lovely hair accessories!!!
Said bling back in the day.

As worn in Swan Lake.

Sophie contemplating......something.

It was so tempting to just run and jump on this bed!

Evening entertainment anyone?

If only tickets were still this price!

The actual Adam Ant costume - go on who didn't put white tape across their nose when this video came on!

Flower fairies - original picture - inspired by...........

Beatrix Potter - I never knew!

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