Thursday, 11 March 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser

said Alison Wonderland - I think I should change my name - does anyone know how much it costs? Ms Wonderland would be a far more suitable surname for me I think. But before I continue with that I just have to take a moment to say that I think I broke many girls hearts yesterday when I announced that Corey Haim had died - so I just wanted to say RIP Corey and to share this little video with takes me right back to my youth and I still really want Nanook!

The other thing was I FINALLY got to go and see Alice in Wonderland. Some friends loved it. Some friends hated it. It was the first 3D showing I had seen and I really was not impressed with the glasses - I have no clue whose head they were made for but they were mahoosive and to top it off they reflect what is behind you into the lens - which was mildly off putting for sure so Mr or Mrs 3D spec makers - please get this sorted love Alison.

I absolutely loved the film - I thought Tim Burton has done it again - yes he has a very distinctive style which maybe some people are getting bored of I don't know but to me it was just brilliant so much so I don't seem to be able to pause to put any punctuation into this and breath! It looked great - the story was good enough to carry you along and was better than just repeating the tale that we all know so well. Yes, Johnny Depp does it again with finding a new character to get into. Helena Bonham Carter is genius as the nasty queen/red queen. Anne Hathaway seemed like a bizarre choice for a Tim Burton movie to me but she was really good. And Stephen Fry is just great full stop. This movie looks amazing and the story swings you along very contentedly. I loved it. I want the white queens castle and the cherry blossom filled garden NOW if you please.

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