Saturday, 27 February 2010

What makes you happy?

Isn't it a good question - it makes you stop and think for a moment and I am happy to report back that the majority of the things that make me happy are about experiences and not about materialistic things.

Maybe this is the worst kept secret ever - but I sometimes think someone should tell these 'celebrities' as quite frankly they are given all this 'stuff' can afford to do anything but all seem pretty unhappy.

I used to think I would love to be really rich to be able to have the freedom that richness would afford - but to get that rich I probably wouldn't have the freedom SO I try to make the most of 'my' time and do things to make me happy. Sometimes life throws shit at us all - I choose to grow roses from it. If life throws me lemons - I'll add vodka and raise my glass to a toast.

OK, sometimes I am a stroppy kid still and will scream and whine such little gems as 'why me?' and 'it's not fair'. And it's true - sometimes life just plain sucks but it doesn't mean you have to dwell on that part.

What makes me happy? Well, I keep adding to the list and it seems to keep on growing the more I think about it but......

Being by the sea
Hearing a small child laugh
Seeing people smile
Making people smile and heck when I make them laugh it postively makes me giddy
Helping someone
Having someone say thank you or excuse me
Cherry blossom
Petals falling off the trees
The sun on my skin

Making music no matter how badly I do it the creation is fun

Snowflakes especially on my tongue
Hearing a song from years ago
Baking a cake that comes out of the oven looking like a cake
Being inspired
Being inspiring
Making jewellery
Puppy dogs
Baby elephants
Chips at the seaside
Creating a whole new look
Lazy days
Tea in teapots
Sparkly things
Random acts of kindness
Finding a cool new hangout
My family
My friends
My boy

And I really do consider the good people in my life to almost be luxuries - I am so lucky to have them - I can survive without them - but I wouldn't want to!

Now all this tripped off my tongue without me having to particularly think. When it's put like this then damn there are things to make me happy everywhere - so there is little reason for me to be too sad.....and each time I am I will just go in search for a few of the things on my list.


  1. that puppy made me happy! and the beach! lovely post :)

    come visit!

  2. The power of the puppy dog eyes ☺ I am glad you liked! Your blogs really lovely! I like that track Little Bit you have playing.