Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Valentines Day/Hallmark Holiday/But nice all the same

Well it had to be didn't it! Ella's Bakehouse. These cakes are almost too beautiful to eat but honestly there is so much sugar about half way through a cupcake you can feel yourself going cross eyed from the sugar rush.

The best Audrey wall hanging I have seen for a while - it made me laugh - I haven't got it......yet!

China Town - Chinese New Year - lots of pretty lanterns and some great drums going which sadly you can't hear from the photograph - if I knew a way....yeah yeah there is video but.........

This roof in the British Museum is quite something but it is so huge it kindof makes you feel like you are going to fall over.

Just one of London's many beautiful buildings.

The next best cake shop Pat Val an old haunt of mine - Patisserie Valerie.

In Munchkins cafe having a tiny mug of hot chocolate.

In the British Museum - this is so much prettier than the machines they use in today's shops.

The Warriors of the Plains exhibition.

I still haven't managed to find a distance learning course in Native American Studies but I have been meeting some interesting people during my search so it was nice timing that this exhibition was on.
So is that it for another year then - D and I don't have to show each other that we care until next February 14th - yeah you got it I am being sarcastic and showing what a load of stinky old poop the whole concept of Valentine's Day is but hey it was an excuse to have a nice day out.


  1. yeah go warriors of the plains exhibition, my people(cree) are from the plains in canada, and it was funny because i was talking about native people and such today, anyways referencing the plains people made me quite happy!

  2. Ah good stuff - it was quite a small exhibition but really good, some amazing pieces. I am fascinated with the history - to the point of wanting to do some form of distance learning course about the whole history - but it's proving fruitless - sadly. Glad to make you smile ☺

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