Friday, 26 February 2010

The sky is blue but so are my hands

It's still freezing cold - or at least it is to me - the hint of a spring is in the air for there are the odd snowdrops peeping through garden walls, the hints of crocus pushing up the soil and once in a while I do believe there is that old ball of fire on show called the sun. But ultimately, it's still cold.

So I've been reading again.

And I am so kind I will share my discoveries.

The first one I mentioned before but now I have read it. Girl Power The Nineties Revolution in Music by Melissa Meltzer. This covers the whole Riot Grrrlm, foxcore, girl power music phenomenon. I was a bit of a foxcore fan - the phrase was made up by Thurston Moore but it was taken by the press and all rolled up into something pretty ugly that was just about loud angry lesbians. If this is all any of this meant to you then you missed out on a whole heap. Any woman with a voice is branded a feminist like it's a bad thing but we all know that the real true meaning to feminism is just women wanting to be valid human beings - and who on earth would want to say that they are not. Everyone is entitled to a voice end of. This era brought about some really good things but in typical fashion the media tried to shove too much into this box and make it mean too little. A lot of the bands featured were a catalogue to my youth - I was the red lipsticked plastic barrettes girl....but in an adult way - at 5' 10" I can't pretend to be a little girl even if I wanted to - which I never have - that is something I do not understand.

I thought I knew it all about foxcore etc but even I learnt a few things along the way. I learnt a lot more about how influential the Spice Girls have been - to me they were a bunch of girls with not much talent letting people have a bit of fun. Some disturbing facts come through the book - such as padded bras for 6 year olds - yeah thankfully enough people realised what a dumb f--k idea this was and removed them from sale. Tesco's launched a toy pole dancing set for small children including a garter belt and toy money to put in it. Like seriously? It's not even a funny joke but when you realise it's true - well people should be sacked over such huge errors of judgement. The whole book is well written - it's under 200 pages so you can digest the information quickly and research the bits you are really interested in more thoroughly in your own time.

The next find is by Gisele Scanlan author of the Goddess Experience - I got the Goddess Guide first. It is full of a cut and paste doodling kind of style with hints and tips on all things that a girl could be or probably is interested in from shopping to afternoon tea to recipes to hints and tips about household things - the modern girls handy hints book with a twist. It's a lovely book to flick through and to find lovely places slightly off the beaten track - weird and wonderful but useful information laid out in a beautiful way. It's the sort of book my best friend and me would write if we were younger, richer and free to travel.


  1. Ah I also wanted to read girl power but havent had the chance cute blog though

  2. You so should it was worth the read ☺ Your blog is pretty cute too - I'll follow.