Sunday, 21 February 2010

Look Good...Feel Better

Now I think it's quite safe to say we all like to look good. And if we feel that we look good nine times out of ten our mood will be increased. We will feel better about ourselves and our outlook on life will lift a little. So, that's pretty important for our existence - as fickle as it might sound as I know that beauty is only skin deep.

Think of it this way though. You have been diagnosed with cancer and your whole world has just come crashing down around you. One of the things, especially women seem to get scared about is losing their hair. I can only imagine that on top of all that you would have to deal with - that when you look in the mirror and don't even see yourself looking back at you - it's got to be a very tough thing.

This is why I love this new initiative called Look Good....Feel Better. Cosmetic companies are donating products and make up artists are donating their time to hold workshops for cancer suffers. To show them how to tie a head scarf in a flattering manner, to talk about wigs, to go through how to apply make up to make you look like you again. Such a simple concept but I have a feeling it will make a huge impact on the people attending. For a few hours those people can have fun and feel feminine again.

Please visit for further details of how you can help or how you can attend.

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