Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A little sparkle in the web of confusion called life

Today has been quite something. Heard a rumour become a little more than a rumour about a project at work that could be really cool.

Tom Delonge released AVA's new album and gave it away free as a thank you to his fans. Now THAT is cool. That is remembering who put you where which many bands today seem to forget.

Courtney Love tweeted me today - which gave me a second of feeling like a goofy teenager and really laugh at myself. But it's good to keep a hold of that childlike innocence.

I have the post-op check up tomorrow and I don't feel too scared or nervous about it.

Lisa might be coming back to London really soon ☺☺

I walked into work after a busy busy hectic day yesterday and someone from work had placed a bar of chocolate on my keyboard - how nice is that.

Little moments of happiness. Little gifts. It's what life is about, wouldn't you agree.

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