Sunday, 21 February 2010

Let a child be a child

There are many problems in the world today - and I am sure that this has always been the case. One of the things that rattles my cage on a near daily basis is how children are not being allowed to be children anymore.
I grew up in the country and would go out to play with the neighbourhoods children - using my imagination and having harmless fun.

Today, a lot of kids will go around in gangs to feel like they belong and they are not the harmless gangs of my youth that is for sure. They will sit in all day on their playstation or xbox and not get any fresh air and not really be using their imaginations.

It's been said that Footballers are becoming the male role model in the life of a lot of children and all I can say to that is 'Dear God!'.

I see young girls wearing heels (yes Suri Cruise is guilty of that at 3 years old), I see young children in short skirts and knee high boots and tshirts with two lemons positioned in a really inappropriate place saying 'Please squeeze these.' Who the hell sells such tshirts but more to the point - what idiot is buying them!?!

Miley Cyrus was thrust upon us and I will not thank anyone for that - we've seen what childhood fame can create and quite often it really is not pretty, but now Noah Cyrus her little sister is being unleashed on us too with her new fashion range for kids. She is 9 years old....I've seen some of this fashion range and honestly fish net tights, knee high boots - it's just wrong.

Kids need to be kids for as long as they can be and then they can go into adult hood as a fully round human being - not going into adult hood too quickly without being fully equipped - that's never going to lead to anything pretty....and I am sorry but neither is this........


  1. Well Alison I cant say why kids are having kids at 13 n 14yo. Parent show them this behavior is proper, schools are teaching 11 an 12yos to use birth control, and as you pointed out with the lemon shirts and such vile filth being sold to children. Cant you see this is how kids are being kids in this era.

    Once upon a time a man would get beat, imprisoned, or killed for just suggesting the tshirt you discribed, oh but now he is getting rich for making them. Which is sicker though, that the maker made them, or that parents buy and let the child wear them. What makes me cry most though is after these kids are then attacked, the parents, police and media are all shocked about it.

  2. I can't argue with what you say there at all - it's pretty sick/sad isn't it. In my latest blog piece I found out about a toy pole dancing kit for kids - now that is beyond sick!

  3. WTF :((

    what would be owrse to tell your child, From father:yes babygirl youre doing it perfectly(cus he knows how its done)

    or from mom: No babygirl, thats wrong, let me show you how to do it(because she too knows how to do it)

    Its filth like this that makes my head spin :(