Saturday, 13 February 2010

Kate Moss

Once upon a time Kate Moss seemed quite cool in my eyes. She had taken the fashion world by storm - all be it with a huge amount of controversy about her size or lack of. But she was very young and very young girls can be extremely gangly and skinny. Of course once in the world of fashion where their diet will be so restrictive to get work they have to keep that gangly skinny size - but I don't believe that to be the models fault so I always thought that whole heroine chic debate was not representative of Kate Moss but was representative of the industry.

She was shorter than models were 'meant' to be. A little knocked knee. Her eyes point in different directions and she doesn't have that 'classic' American smile. But this girl was making millions and I was all for anyone that could buck the trend.

Over the years she's lost a lot of her cool in my eyes. Always out getting pissed, model has child she is hardly every seen with. Chasing the singer from every new indie/alternative band to hit the scene - it was all a bit yawnsome to be honest.

Then she moved into designing and I just can't help but roll my eyes. Kate is seen as a fashion icon - and she does have some amazing dresses but her staple look is skinny jeans and tee. Hardly daring or revolutionary. She's also kept the same look for about the last 5 years or more. How does that get translated as being a fashion icon? Her style admired by millions. I am still a bit lost as to how. Alison Mosshart was rocking that same look long before. So it's more about how well your name is known rather than your talent it would seem. Well, nothing new there.

Kate has had numerous collections with TopShop now and I have heard some very disturbing rumours about her relationship with Philip Green but that's it - there's always rumours and I don't really care either way. BUT - people have flocked to by these clothes to have a piece of the allusive Kate Moss. Some of the items are nice - I grant you that. But all these items are things that were in her wardrobe already by someone else and she's reproduced the design for a mass market. That doesn't make you a designer in my eyes. I then heard that she had designed a range of bags for Longchamp. In an interview with Vogue she can be heard saying that Longchamp wanted her to put something on the bag like a chain or something....surely as the designer she is telling them what she wants? So is it yet again another case of celebrity puts name to something and says they have designed it? The same way that Katie Price 'writes' a book. Seems such a shame that we are so fickle to have the 'name' that integrity doesn't seem to matter.

But there is still something about Kate - is it because she hasn't done interviews for so much of her career that she is this enigma - is that the secret of her success that she kept quiet and let the world carry on around her?

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