Saturday, 13 February 2010

I Think Therefore I am Confused

Life brings changes. Some welcome and some not so welcome. If we are smart we can learn from them all. Not only that we can turn them into positives with a little thought and imagination.

Or, we can panic, sulk, kick and scream 'Why me?' and wallow in our misfortune.

I don't want a cloud above my head. I want rainbows and sunshine. As ridiculous as that sounds, it also makes sense.

We create our path by the way we choose to think. Both paths (negative and positive) lead to the same outcome at the end of our lives, but one will consist of a miserable journey, and one will be filled with wonder and learning. I don't think either path is easy, but I know which one I'd rather try. 'Nothing worthwhile in life is easy'. (True to a degree, but enjoying a sunset is easy, the process of a sunset might not be, but choosing to notice it, to enjoy it, is!).

Sometimes I get so cross at the clutter in my life and the inbalance in my work, fun, worry, joyous elements in my day. The first hurdle is done. I've noticed! I might sound like a big, old hippy or a rambling fool, but I don't care. My message is good. Or at least it's coming from a good place.

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