Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I make models out of sticks and stones

Well no I don't but it's just a flippant comment about people taking themselves and life too seriously and being aggressive towards many things and people unneccessarily because of it.

At school the slightly different child is the one to get picked on.....normally by the kid who is so horizonatally boring/average so you know it's about insecurity and jealousy - but you don't know that as a kid so the sticks and stones thing really does hurt. But as you grow up you know for a fact that the adults that are mean are the ones that are insecure and/or jealous......yet they still do it.........and for those of us that understand this concept - ie most of the adult world - they really are just showing themselves up.

I didn't quite fit in at school and to be honest I don't think I quite fit in now either but I am pleased about that. I am me - and I never pretend to be anything more or anything less. I know myself so well nothing I do anymore surprises me but the other thing is I don't just know myself I understand I am human. I understand I am insignificant in the grand scheme of things but I also understand a stupid comment can crucify someone momentarily - and I don't really think I have the right or the want to do that to someone unless you really are a complete tool of course.

People are scared of what they don't understand or what they can't label - but that isn't my problem or your problem that is a failing of the individual that is running scared.

It's hard to tell a child that the hell they are going through will toughen them up for adulthood - that it is only because there is something special about them. Very few children want to stand out when they are young. Weirdly it's quite often the shy ones that are the more eccentric to look at - I am not sure why or how that works but it quite often does.

I don't feel the need to berate others or to try to make someone look stupid to make myself feel better and I pity the people that do. What sort of person gets satisfaction from making someone feel hurt or upset? What sort of individual likes to see people fall?

There are those few circumstances - you know - hurt my loved ones and hell I am going to want to see you fall but I mean in day to day life? What a miserable existance to live.

So, if you ever fall foul to those terribly sad bullies in life - remember, they are weak, insecure and no doubt jealous - and that at any point you can walk away and get on with your life but them...well they can never walk away from themselves...they are stuck with themselves.

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