Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Hallmark Holiday

Yep - 14th February - this year it falls on a Sunday - and I bet that as per usual there will be a stream of men at the nearest petrol station trying to grab the last wilting bunch of flowers off the stand in the hopes their girlfriend won't notice that they've gotten up early and run out of the house..........one jewellery designers has even placed an advert that I know is meant to be a joke but which I find slightly irresponsible - but shows the ring to buy the mistress, the ring to buy the mother and the ring to buy your girlfriend for Valentines day. Now come on - do people really spend thousands on a ring for their girlfriend and for their mother, I am going to ignore the other component - but really for a Hallmark Holiday?

For those that don't know, Hallmark a major card manufacturers who benefit hugely from this time of year.

Surely every day should be a day that you tell the person you love that you love them - you should always be wanting to do nice little things for them and to make them feel special - not just on this day right? But then even though I believe this arguement as it is my own - I would still feel a little bothered if D didn't even mention the date. I don't want grand gestures - I have always felt that it's the little gestures that show someone you really care - so maybe that kindof lets D off the hook a little bit.

A friend of mine spends a small fortune on her boyfriend and then moans that each year they write the same novel in each others cards saying how much they mean to each other and rah rah rah - I did suggest just handing each other the same card each year to save the bother but that wasn't deemed too romantic. But surely there lies what is lost about this date.......going through the motions because it happens to be 14th February.

Then if you are single - or young - everyone hassles you about whether you got a card or not and you can guarantee a lot of people won't but only a few will admit this and then the rest will feel so unloved - it's quite an evil date when you think of it like that.

If you ever read this D, don't go spending lots of money on me but maybe do the housework for me for the day......and let me have the remote control!

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