Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Does my shoulder blade look big in this?

For something that is meant to be about beauty it sure gets ugly.

The fashion world of course darling.

Designers are rarely totally stick thin and the general public are rarely stick thin so what is with these models….surely they are meant to make the clothes look their best and we all know curves help clothes hang their best otherwise they really are just hanging off a coat hanger.

Anna Coralina Reston was a model – she died weighing 88 pounds.

Eliana Ramos died apparently of a heart attack.

A little while later her sister died. Her diet had been lettuce leaves and diet cola.

I heard about models eating cotton wool balls soaked in water to make themselves feel full.

We’ve probably all seen the section in the September Issue where the model is drooling over the cakes but won’t eat one as her corset is too tight already. Grace tells her to eat it in a very ‘you stupid child’ voice. Now that was sadly very refreshing.

So if even the stick thing models aren’t really naturally stick thin – who is driving this ‘trend’?

Thin is a control mechanism. It can make you feel vulnerable. It can make you feel empowered but ultimately it’s going to go down the wrong path.

Models are trying to say they are just being airbrushed and they aren’t really that thin. I grant you that it probably happens here and there – scratch that it definitely happens but that’s normally for the celebrity magazine shoot not just reports of runway shows.

Samples sizes used started to be in a size 6 ie tiny – now they are a size zero with some being a minus zero – seriously – what the crap is a minus zero – how can you get less than nothing! What is this suggesting to people!!!

Models tend to look odd these days – they are not the picture of wholesome beauty they once were. Who is buying this look? NO one I know likes it so what is it about? Is it still that whole Beauty Myth control a woman and keep her down issue – are we still really playing that one out but this time with devastating effect?

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