Sunday, 28 February 2010

A cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Well actually it's a cup of coffee and an apple but it's raining so I have to make do with what is in my little kitchen.

I've hardly slept yet I feel so wide awake. I was sat up with D until about 330am and for some reason was wide awake again at 7am. Probably something to do with living in a turret and it pouring with rain - the angles of the roof make for an interesting soundtrack - one that I find impossible to sleep through - scratch that - I find it pretty much impossible to sleep through anything but um silence!

I wanted to explore today - borrow D's camera and get some photographs around Covent Garden - I meant to do that when Marion came down - but I always end up having such a nice time I forget to take the snap shots.

Instead I lit some candles and got the old oil burning setting the scene for a nice warm glow in the house - when it's thundering down with rain outside it's always nice to be curled up by an open fire - failing that - a candle flame and some nice scents. It's still grizzly outside so I think todays exploration is off.

Instead I read a little more of the Goddess Experience - it's kindof weird (in a good way) - when I wrote about it on this here blog I had read all of 40 pages - but I knew it was going to be cooool. I knew it was going to be 'right up my street'. I was even inspired enough to get a notepad and start my own little journal of happy - my aim is just to get a book bursting with happy at the end - well, to be continued ay a book like that should never end - kindof my DIY FAKE GLAMOUROUS LIFE......or something. I had been writing about my lovely bath and the rose and berry scent infusion and was thinking about how I should really start to find the time to do more writing, I've been wanting to do a proper piece on Vivienne Westwood and Tim Burton for example, but time just hasn't been a friend of mine and as this blog has been suffering a little, my twitter account quite bone idle - blah blah blah but time just schwooshes past - but I grabbed onto some and let it take me for a ride - I ended up not doing anything I had planned but having a lovely evening. This morning I continued to read 'the book' and what do I read about but rose scents for the bath - Vivienne Westwood and time issues.....hmmm could be a casper the friendly ghost moment (ie spooky) or just goes to show there are other like minded people out there - and quite a few of them I think - woo hoo.

And I have just realised I am so girly I even eat pink apples.

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