Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Can I hear a miaow!

To add to my last post I really have to say that even worse than Paris Hilton - yes I know I know, worse? oh yes. Now I think in America you have only recently been 'lucky' enough to be introduced to Katie Price or Jordan, sadly in Britain we have had this person in our faces for years - and she just. won't. go. away!

At first I thought fair does let her get her money and bugger off - but she's not buggering off dammit.

She appears to be quite a spiteful person but ignoring any of that I think she has issues - she looks like she has an allergic reaction going on with her face thanks to all the cosmetic surgery she has had done and that to me just shouts out insecurities that general veer towards mental health issues and I don't think any surgeon should partake in that no matter how much money is being changed hands. Look at Heidi Montag (yeah I know - I'd rather not as well) but 23 years old - 10 procedures in one day - she is now in a lot of pain. How is this ok to do to someone just because they can afford to pay for it?

I know everyone has the right to live their lives how they want to and that they can spend their money on what they want and do what they want to their own bodies. But I can't help but use my voice on this one.......it leads onto the Doctor Feelgoods especially located in Hollywood - how many deaths have we had recently of celebrities accidentally intoxicating themselves in a fatal way. Micheal Jacksons doctor is the first to be held accountable in any way shape or form it would seem. It won't be the last we have heard of this though - I think it will just make the Dr Feelgoods just charge more for the descretion of the client - but surely it's morally and legally wrong? I mean, who needs who? The doctor wants the money so funnily enough by prescribing lots of different pills that are known to be addictive is perfect right? The issue with them being fatal when mixed incorrectly is just a slight hitch, right?!!!

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