Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Bean shaped heart

So, Frances Bean Cobain turns 18 this year. Yes, that does make me feel old. Yes I am of that generation that remembers what I was doing when the news broke that Kurt Cobain was dead.

Yes, I am sure I have pretty much read nearly every conspiracy theory going about the whole Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain saga….it’s been a fascinating read and at times it’s been a downright ridiculous read.
Courtney Love is a fascinating lady. I remember running around in my little night dresses with red lipstick and plastic hair slides. I was inspired by her attitude of being the rock star not doing the rock star.

These days she is still fascinating. But not always for the right reasons. Sometimes I sound like I don't like her but it's not that at all -I feel this kindof big sister thing for her even though she is older than me. I think she's made some bad judgements but for some reason she really hangs herself with them or people really hang her for her mistakes. She is so not the first celebrity to fuck up or have a drug problem but maybe she's too honest? Or maybe not honest enough? Or is it just a case that people love to hate?

Can you imagine being her daughter? Can you really imagine reading all those things about the Dad you never got to know and the things that people say about her Mother - who she didn't choose but no doubt loves?

Can you really imagine Courtney as your Mom? It would be so much fun……at times…..and at other times, well, I don’t know if I have the words.

Everyone has their problems but this poor child never got to know her Dad, her Dad would appear to have not stuck around for her. She’s no doubt been branded with all sorts of crap because of this, something totally out of her control. In her own words all she had achieved to date is to be the fastest sperm.

Frances seems like a very smart young lady. I have been told by someone that met her that she is a total brat. I can believe both to be true.

I wouldn’t even like to speculate as to what has gone on to not just get a restraining order against her mother but to also get it extended. Through her short 17 years of life – she has been taken from her parents/parent on numerous occasions, in a matter of months she is free as an adult – unleashed onto/into the world. She has had to endure the Crazy Courtney years and she did – but what happened to make her throw her hands up and have enough – and not be able to wait those few months.

It’s not even my place to think or speculate on this but like it or not Frances Bean is a public figure courtesy of her parents which might seem a tad unfair but on the flip side it does help open doors to have a famous name.

The whole Riot Grrrl/Grunge movement was quite inspiring to me and Frances was kind of spawned from that whole era and I can’t help but wonder what she will grow up to be, I wish her well.

Courtney is about to embark on her music career again……..her performance on Jonathan Ross was not as great as I had hoped but it was still nice to see her back on stage. She writes some darn fine lyrics but she acts too much in her singing these days – it doesn’t flow as well as it used to. Her voice sounded it’s best on Live Through This. Should she gracefully hand over the rock star title to someone else? Should she stick to writing songs for others? Should she write and illustrate books – she seems to be someone who has done so much story telling in her day that I think she would really excel at this. She’s set herself such a huge target to make this album something huge – and as I have said before I don’t think anything could ever live up to the hype. It’s going to be interesting to watch.

There’s a wonderful book out now called Girl Power the Nineties Revolution in Music by Marisa Meltzer. Even if you weren’t totally into the bands of that era I think it’s worth a read. It takes me back to joyous times of being in a club when the members of Sleater Kinney walked in. Making friends with a musician who was best friends with Kathleen Hanna which led to us going out dancing one night……one of many little trinkets that take me back to my youth and for everyone else will hopefully interest them in a time and place that I don’t think we will ever get again.


  1. I recently saw a small pic and caption of her and thought to myself, wow am I getting old or what. I can't believe it's been 18 years since I first fell in love with Nirvana!

  2. I know it's madness isn't it - time just suddenly seemed to fly!