Sunday, 21 February 2010


The fringe is back - and I can't believe how happy it's made me - for about 8 months I have just had to grow it out to get it cut back again thanks to a rubbish cut a while ago. £45 it cost and to me that is a lot of money - maybe I just don't have a clue but........with the two treatments she wanted me to buy it would've been another £55 but no way am I spending £100 in one go at the hairdressers unless it's for something super. It's only a little hairdressers off the beaten track too but well the main thing is the fringe is back!!

(the rest of my hair has been pulled up I wasn't that brave this time I am still trying to grow my hair - slowly but surely)

The weekend has gone by way too fast with way too much of my Saturday being taken up by some ridiculous issue called tube maintenance - I have never in my life walked around in such confusion and that really is saying something. It would've been a rubbish journey for free but the fact I had to pay for it is disgusting - and get this - because of how they have changed the barriers at one tube station I had to pay a full extra tube fair just to walk 2 minutes along one piece of crappy corridor. I am so outraged I might just have to write a letter (a sarcastic take on the English temper). I finally got to catch up with my friend Jo and exchange Christmas presents so it was worth it and boy did she get me a fabulous gift - I saw the Octopus bag and just knew I was going to love whatever was inside but the contents of the bag outdid itself....thank you Jo.

I am going to go and watch Up! again for the final leg of my weekend. Why oh why do two days off work pass like 3 hours of work time. It seems most unfair. Speaking of unfair - why is it always the case that just as you think your perfectly applied nail polish has dried you totally mess up one nail?

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