Tuesday, 2 February 2010

At your age I was losing a tooth not my virginity

Don't worry - I am not announcing that Tavi has lost her virginity - that is something I know nothing about and don't care to know about - but I just got my latest copy of Grazia delivered (I got another letter printed but didn't get star letter - I am slacking ☺) There were some images of Tavi in there doing her thing and getting flown all over the world to go to fashion shows. I mean, how amazing at any age but especially as young as 13. And that's just it. 13 is young. It's quite unique to have someone being so fashion savy and into her image at that and even more amazing to have someone be so articulate about it. It's quite a kitsch thing right now and I hope that she is still in favor so much when she is 20 and no longer not the norm'. She appears to be a very level headed child that really knows her own mind and I hope that will keep her on the right path as, as much as I have a fascination by her I did have a sudden concern about this industry called fashion that is known to be cruel - to be drug fuelled and to be filled with a lot of insecure people all battling for the top and I hope that Tavi never gets embroiled in these games and stands for what she believes in and really remembers the word no. Maybe I am wrong to have such worries but I know what I've been told about the backstage shenanigans at some fashion shows and I know I'd be worried of my 13 year old prodigy being made a part of that, willingly or not. At 13 I was quite open to peoples opinions and hope that Tavi remembers that she got where she is off her own hard work and by not bending to anyone elses opinion.

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