Monday, 8 February 2010

And suddenly Monday was here

I feel like I have been so busy and so sick lately and my poor old blog has been neglected - things must change starting with my 12 day long headache - bored already!!!

My best friend Marion came to see me and we hit Covent Garden with nowhere near as much money as we would've liked but........
I think Tottenham Court Road has one of the biggest and best paperchases ever. I think I could own everything in that shop and not be disappointed by any of it.

The owl print seems to be their thing this season and I love it - I would have it as wallpaper!

Then you get Octopus in Covent Garden - they have 3 stores in a small area and no photo can do it justice. The cheese graters have dolls heads on, the dustpan and brush is a big dressed lady, holographic bags, the cutest's just cool and you have to see it to believe it. If I ever get married my wedding list is so getting done at this shop.

And then we found Ella's Bakehouse. THE most amazing cupcakes with edible glitter on. Which means as I eat my insides start to sparkle so it must be good for me.

And no I didn't see Lady Gaga over the weekend but I did stumble upon this picture and have decided that I don't care what anyone thinks of this lady she deserves an award simple for being able to stand in those shoes, let alone walk in them.

I hate that Marion isn't living right next door - she is one person that I have no airs and graces with - I can be totally myself - whichever 'self' that is on that day and it's ok. I can talk to her about anything and everything and basically much to her poor ears disgust, I do! Everyone should have a friend like her. (marion, you can pay me later!)

Sunday I spent the day trying to find out about a course in Native American Studies - but alas there appears to be nothing available in the UK. This saddens me but led me to a very interesting group set up in Scotland that might enable me to learn what I need to but not be able to offer me a qualification and I am more than ok with that.


  1. I can only think of three things that would give a headache so long, that id say out loud

    have you started taking any new medications prior to the onset of it? Some meds cause that. Funny thing is one side effect of aspirin is a headache, which why your taking the damn pill right? :)

    dehydration, have you been drinking enough water. I know this is gross, but a sure sign of not drinking enough is a dark yellow/gold pee.

    Lastly, you could have a pinched nerve in your neck or upper back. Chiropractor, can poke you and twist you, which has helped me b4.

    I hope its something that simple fo r you too

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