Tuesday, 23 February 2010

And from the news desk of Miss A

Juicy are doing some of the best ad campaigns ever at the moment - you may recall my comment on the lovely tube displays they did over Christmas - something hits a chord - maybe it's the cut and paste fanzine hinting that makes me feel warm and familiar.

Leigh Lezark - front row here there and everywhere - she has great style and such lovely hair - I could hate her but I don't.

This new trend for the nude look - yuk in a word. Why would you go out of your way to make your clothes look bland and almost not there? Go figure?

Now this is a very good point and a HOT TOPIC if ever there was one (see the nod I did to Le Tigre there, did you see!) I've got my book on the revolution of 90's music and one about the girls from the fanzine world to finish off before I tackle this one properly but it's an argument I am seeing crop up more and more. Feminism is not the dirty word some lazy people think it is - nor is it about lesbians - it's about a whole heap of issues from abortions through to voting through to working - basically most aspects of a woman's life today yet so many have misunderstood the purpose and are quick to condemn.

And Naomi Campbell is proving that she has put that little temper tantrum episodes behind her and has befriended Mrs Brown (the woman behind the UKs prime minister) she is behind the White Ribbon Alliance which is all about throwing dinner parties for charities - which is not a bad way to raise money at all - go check it out!

I love this advert! I want the bag - I am never going to get the bag and that would make me really sad if it wasn't just a bag and I understand perspective.

I have booked my holiday from work and I don't know where to go or what I can afford to do yet but I found this little Grade II castle and I SO have to go - how cute would it be!??!! Actually I think I just want it as my house full stop.

Chanel have done it again - a new take on the old bag and it's come up trumps.

(incidentally Marie Claire have not sent me the bag I won...yet :o(

Check out her wares (so to speak) if you haven't done so before - Luella Bartley not too quirky it's not use able but not plain jane either.

OH MY GOD....here's a country that obviously don't have anything important to worry about and certainly don't have anything worthwhile to teach their children!!

ANASTASIA RADEVICH £240 it's not love but it's special.

Military gear for girls oh yawn yawn yawn - what a boring fashion spread - at least mix it with some florals and some funky accessories please!

I love this dress - I want to be able to wear it with some nice dolly girl make up I don't know if it would suit my complexion but I'd make it work somehow.
More nude looks - see I told you it was everywhere but wouldn't you agree that this is the way it is done - gentle and feminine - pretty and lacey.

Now old Vivienne has bucked the trends for ooo well like forever and her she is bucking the trends again - and it'll make you want to buy her clothes just as much as if she had some youngun on there doing the cliche pose - infact I think I love VW all the more.

This reminds me of Grandma's dressing tables - the old style lovely carved things with ornate mirrors and hand mirrors with matching brushes and combs - it makes me quite nostalgic for a time I was never really a part of.

Now this kind of scares me a little.

Seriously - LV - boring - can I say that? Whatever I did and it's true - that cliche brown and gold is horrible - I really almost hate it - and these new colours - well it's hardly jumping out at you making you want to wear it now is it!?!?

A little chanel chain and a lovely weirdy print - gosh my language is so technical tonight - Coccinelle - £190.

The girls - the girls from the music scene now init - I think they've tried to do the one page of the 'safe' looks and the one page of the 'radical' looks - sometimes the radical can be too try hard but that's what pop performance is about isn't it - dressing up and performing but um Nicola what/is/going/on/there/?

And what is going on here - yikes!

Now this made me sick up a little - not only is there no way that anyone as young as Angie should be having face lifts - I mean how sick is it that people are so scared of the aging process they are now having big procedures done to prevent things before they happen - can I hear the words stupid and gullible please. But I don't know if she's had something done but those side face things are weird - even weirder is the Feather treatment face lift she is meant to have had done - a doctor makes a few incisions in your face and then goes into this to make a tunnel under the skin he then inserts a thread along the tunnel said thread has loads of little hooks on it that will catch onto the skin and tissue and pull it back so as to tighten the face once stitched up again and yes I have no punctuation in this so you have to read it really quickly to stop yourself from throwing up.

Dolls dolls dolls.

Courtney Love lectured at Oxford Uni - I haven't heard just what she said only snippets but a lot of the media seem to be seriously shocked that she is quite a knowledgeable person - one thing Courtney isn't is stupid - she has a very high IQ which is why it's frustrating when she's made so many dumb decisions about things and people at times. As for Kate Moss she's trying to turn to acting now and is going to star in a play by her beau Jamie Hince. This lady is getting boring. I used to like the kills until they were mossed - it ruins every band she has been near - sadly.

I thank you and good night.

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