Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Wiffle woffle blah blah blah

So...Pete Doherty gets done for heroin possession whilst in Court for something else......there comes a point when stupid isn't cute, it's just plain bloody dumb!

Catherine Zeta Jones gets snowballed in the street and she still can't crack a smile, said snowball missed her so she could've. She seems to be turning into a robot or quite miserable old age proportions. Whatever happened to the down to earth girl from the valleys? She was last heard muttering something about how a million pounds might be a lot to some but it was nothing to her..............mutter mutter...mutt!

Tiger Woods, well, what can I say? Bored! Pig!! Yawn!!!

But my horror-scope:
"Anybody who thinks your conscientious approach is dull is no match for you. So, continue to handle deals and responsibilities with all the precision and integrity you can muster. Your reluctant to lower your standards or to take short cuts is admirable and it is what makes you stand out from all the rest. Don't change a thing."
Now this I like. It actually fits in really well to a certain situation in my life but is fairly sound advice for everyone that is walking through life being a good person but not always being smiled upon. Remember jealousy is a curse and the usual course of any meanness muhaha.

Some women's surveys have been carried out towards the end of last year that show that a lot of women are finally getting sick and tired of always being on diets that make them tired and miserable, I am sure there are a lot of partners out there seriously naffed off too. Apparently the majority are deciding that it is better to be healthy than teeny tiny. If this is true can I hear the biggest cheer ever please!

Sports gear, corset panelled clothes, Bridget Jones style pants are all rumoured to be big this year - yeah yeah bad pun but mixed together it could be um, interesting. Larger baggier trousers are in, so bring back your boyfriend jeans. Although I must be doing something wrong as high waisted trousers give me an endless ass and baggy trousers just make me fat, unless of course I did really over indulge these last few months.

I finally let me eyes watch the Fearne meets Peaches documentary on tv and I have to say anyone that can make Fearne look good is quite something but for all the most very wrong reasons. Peaches came across as miserable, bratty, sulky, lazy, spoilt, rude, wasted and quite frankly very boring. Nice work PR company.

This lovely Chloe bag is gracing a few must have shopping lists but at over £2,000 I would rather see the poor python still alive and spend my £2k more wisely!

Mittens on strings - so great. These ones are £200 from Nina Peter. I got some blue mittens on string for £6!! Two bus journeys later string was cut, I had lost patience. How come as a much less co-ordinated child I could manage but now!?!? Maybe it's like doggy paddle in swimming, once you gain just an ounce of cool you lose the ability?

And for some reason something makes me happy to see these two still together. It's been all of about 2 or maybe 3 months which in hollywood terms means expect babies and wedding bells soon!
And poor old Brittany Murphy, 'cept she wasn't old at all, she wasn't the most super talented actress out there either but she appeared to be a lovely girl but yet another one to fall for the Dr Feelgood prescriptions, will they ever learn - I fear not. One look at this picture and how skinny she is and the dodgy lip fillers she has had, kindof points towards things not being well but I guess you can't help anyone unless they want to help themselves.

Grazia produced a very interesting article about mothers and daughters in the world of fame-dom. nearly every mother had regrets about their body image and/or drug taking past and hoped their children would choose more wisely. That to me speaks out with quite a lot of volume.

Big prints. Clashing. Colourful gorgeous splashes of colour. One that I think only the young can pull off but how lovely when the world is full of greys and blacks right now.

Short shorts will be back this summer apparently but I have to say I don't really know how well they work off the catwalk or outside of a club.

UPDATE!!! Just as I posted this blog I received an email to say that Russell Brand and Katy Perry have just confirmed that they have gotten engaged.......oh it's nice to be right ☺☺


  1. I feel bad about Brit Murphz. I wasn't really a fan either, but I didn't see that one coming.
    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  2. I also feel bad for Brit Murphz...shows that you should really live everyday like it's your last.

    And short short's are coming back..yay! But, yes, you must live in the 'right' town to rock them imo. The style is fast, so if you lived in a slow paced town...keep it in the closet until you travel to cali or something

  3. Ally - thanks for your comment - it just seems a shame that so many people with fame and money seem to be so miserable and have no one to turn to - the ideal isn't looking so ideal anymore :o/
    wahinjc - you make a good point - it gives me a great excuse for a holiday :o)