Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Lovely Bones

I read this book years ago. I also read Lucky. Now Lucky came out as a book before The Lovely Bones did, basically Alice Sebold was writing The Lovely Bones but found she was writing too much about an attack that had happened to her, so she broke off from writing The Lovely Bones and Lucky was the result - it's an amazing heart, wrenching book, as is The Lovely Bones (I won't be saying the same about Almost Moon).

The Lovely Bones feels like it was a long time in the making and I think quite a shift occurred in who was going to be appearing in it - but this was worth the wait. I wondered how they were going to be able to translate the in between world onto the big screen without it seeming cheesy - but they found a way with some stunning visuals. If you tell someone the basis of this movie it sounds ridiculous: Girl gets attacked and killed and looks down on her family and the happenings that follow.

Now I loved the book but was still dubious about the film - but you really should go to see this - and I think this one deserves the expense of the cinema to fully appreciate the gorgeous visuals. It's been said that the in between world footage slows the movie down - I kindof think this was the point but it is true at times the suspense is built up to just be shot down but pushing that aside it is a great story and visually quite something.

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