Saturday, 23 January 2010

Lisa came to London

One of my best friends is very selfish and she lives in Glasgow - she knows she should be in London but what can you do ☺♥☺

In The Diner in Camden - it really is the best hang out - I think I was meant to have been born in the 50's but with the women's rights of today ☺ Lisa and her Root Beer.

Me and my neverending (or so it seemed) milkshake.

A view across a very cold Thames with 'the gherkin' just in sight.

Plastic bottles in the trees - as you do.

I think this is like MI5 or something but I really wish it was my house - so many turrets! If I was the queen I would live here rather than Buckingham Palace.

The wheel - and Little Big Ben as D rechristened it.

A very London Scene.

A super friendly squirrel - shortly after this photo was taken he tried to give me a kiss - climbed on my coat and ran up a mans leg.

Everyone has to have their picture taken with one of these lines at Trafalgar Square at some point in their lives...honest, it's written in the rules of being a London tourist.

The big freeze of 2010.

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