Monday, 25 January 2010

The Kind Diet

I don't think I am going to be eating/drinking much of it anymore. Yesterday I switched my cow's milk for rice milk and I have to say I think I prefer the taste. I suffer from asthma and have long been told that dairy is really bad for allergies fullstop but especially for those of us that actually suffer from them regularly. Even to the point of some people's symptoms stopping once they stop consuming dairy. Sounds like it's worth a try to me. One problem, I love cheese. Vegan cheese just doesnt' sound so appealing does it!?! Though I figure small steps in the right direction are better than turning on my heel and walking the other way.
For years I did not eat meat - I just hated the taste of it and vowed that once I had left home I wouldn't eat it again and I didn't. Until I got ill. Now I hear that following a vegetarian diet is really meant to help you not get fibroids - so yeah, I will scratch my head on that one.

I had my iron drop so low that I was advised to eat some meat to get the iron levels back up - I followed this advice more out of desperation than anything. BUT - I haven't felt right since - I've noticed weight gain (yeah this could be age or just sitting on my butt too long) but I've had the same weight for years then suddenly it goes up a little - well anyway coincidence or not........I also noticed that I feel far more sluggish and just not quite right so I have made the decision to cut meat out of my diet again. D is a Geordie, I really don't think he's going to follow suit and that is fine - I am sure I can adapt our evening meals between my requirements and his.

I found a great book called The Nice Diet. It sounded funny. It was written by Alicia Silverstone - yes, her of Clueless fame, so how on earth could I possible take it too seriously? Well, I bought it and what an eye opener it was. I read it over the course of two days. So here is this way of living that will help me lose some weight, will give me more energy, will help my allergies to go and will help the environment at the same time. Now that, my friend, sounds like a plan to me. I understand the whole vegan or macrobiotic diet might be too hard core for some or just too plain difficult to do but I figure I can flirt with it all a bit and see how I feel. I'll be reporting back!!


  1. Here's why Alicia Silverstone turned vegan! Check out this informative and inspiring video.

  2. It's unbelievable how great she looks. There has to be a happy medium though, somehow.

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  3. Aw thank you when I get a moment I will watch that video clip. But I do agree - there has to be a happy medium. I don't plan to be a strict anything BUT I am going to ditch the meat - avoid cows milk and add more pulses and grains to my food and see what happens it sure isn't going to do me any harm!

  4. Jessica Porter, who wrote The Hip Chick's Guide to Macrobiotics, co-wrote it with Alicia, and Jessica has been studying macrobiotics/health/diet for a long time. So you can actually trust what is written in this book! Check out her other book too! And congrats on taking wonderful steps toward a health, happy life.

  5. Thank you again - I am really grateful for any advice - I also need a good source of simple recipes for veggie's - do you know of anything? ☺