Friday, 8 January 2010

It's the pitts.

Is anyone else bored of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or Brangelina if you have to?

Brad is seeming to be a bit of a piglet with being able to stay faithful and the more interviews Angelina is giving at the moment the more she is at least implying that he's being naughty again.


There are issues here. Whatever the truth is these children will have the chance to read all this one day. Brad seems to be going through a major midlife crisis and Angelina is, well - she fell out with her Dad when he said she had mental health issues but I think it might just be a case of the truth hurting. I'd like to not care but a part of me is quite horrified that although she will readily admit to throwing knives at Brad in a row and attacking him quite savagely she tries not to do this in front of the children. Children see things and pick up on way more than parents realise. BUT this lady has a need to feel loved by the look of it. Her whole life is a catalogue of attention seeking ways to find that love. But now that 6 children are involved..........or probably about 10 by the time you have finished reading this, should she still be deemed as this great role model for adoption. I admire the idea, but just because someone has money doesn't not mean they can give the best to a child. Did anyone see the recent series of Killing Mom and Dad. Most of the kid murderers were thought to have been provoked by years of abuse and years of overbearing parents who expected their children to be some form of prodigy just because they had status and money. A young child is quite content, more often than not, with the wrappings of a present and not the contents. But more importantly most children just want to feel loved. To feel like they belong somewhere. To have their parents attention. To feel listened to.

I am not judging and I don't know the 'facts' - it's just something that hits me from time to time about money being used as a substitute of love or good parenting. God knows I admire any good parent. But look at all these socialites - they all seem to have the world at their finger tips but very few appear to be happy and even less really are. Do we all try to do too much. To try to be super parents and almost super human? And what is the cost? Too many latch key kids? To many street gangs taking over the family role? Does too many children end up stressing out the parents relationship? Too many lost children reaching for alcohol and drugs at an earlier and earlier age or to more devasting effects?

Or is it plain and simple - the media wanting a story no matter what the cost or the level of truth? It sometimes feels that maybe these things have always happened and we just hear about them more now due to the media coverage or modern medicine, a few hundred years ago I am sure it just was plain simply impossible for one woman to have 8 children and have them all survive. That maybe when someone rich and famous adopts a baby we just never hear about it.

Maybe Angelina's intentions for adopting every year or less are totally ok...but.......

Can you really listen and respond to the needs of so many children, Octomom seems to think so, she seems to think so to such a degree that she has said she would never rule out having more children. Which in turn makes me think they have this urge to love and be loved that nothing actually fills the void because they are looking in the wrong places.

I don't think that just because you are a human being you have the right to be a parent. It might sound extreme but it takes a lot to be a great parent I am sure and I just don't think that we all have those qualities and certainly being famous or having money doesn't guarantee you will either. Too often the whole money and fame circuit seems to be a nightmare rather than a dream.

On the other hand you have some children that are given everything by their parents in a very different way. Last night I watched a programme called Half Ton Son. The mother was doing everything for her chronically ill and overweight child. At 19 he was 60 stone. It looked uncomfortable, for want of a better word. His mother was feeding him everything he wanted and watching him getting bigger and bigger. It turned out that she had her first child die tragically young and was so into doing everything for her remaining child - almost at times seeming to guilt her surviving son over his behaviour but then giving in to it anyway. It was shocking. She needed help. I don't know why she was not given counselling when her first child died but all this appears to have almost cost her the life of her surviving son.

I see more and more families getting into debt to pay for the spiralling costs of the gifts their child is demanding for Christmas. Kids getting picked on for not having the right labelled clothes. Children with so much money that they get bored easily and pick up drug habits like it's easy. Checking into rehab for 2 days thinking it will solve their addiction.

Everyone looking for a quick fix. Everything needed yesterday.

I say everything in moderation and to remember it's the simple things in life that bring you the happiest longest lasting memories I am sure!


  1. So sick of Brad and Angelina! I totally agree!
    I feel for those super-sized people. Many eat because they are depressed then depressed because they eat. It's a cycle. Unlike rehab for drugs and alc - you can't escape food. You need it to live yet too much of it can kill you.
    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  2. "Everyone looking for a quick fix. Everything needed yesterday."

    You got it here, sista! I'm tired of all the celeb. news... it's just such a waste of time and energy, unless they use their status for good, real good, not for photo opps.

    It is definitely sad to witness many wanting more and more NOW NOW NOW, yet can't handle the small amount they currently have.

    Slow down, breathe in, breathe out... one moment at a time!