Wednesday, 27 January 2010

More justice please

In the paper this morning was an article of a young 'man' who raped a lady and he's been given 3 years in jail - which probably means 1 year or less based on good behaviour. The term of this sentence was given because the boy/man in question was 13 and he said he was sorry.
Something is wrong here surely? A ladies life is pretty much ruined for the foreseeable future and he gets 3 years. I saw a programme about a serial killer called Coral Watts last night - he is up for parole again soon I think - his prison term has so far worked out at under 2 years for each person he killed.

It's not just the initial victim that is affected here, there is a spiral including the guilty parties family - they can suffer for what their family member has done - being related doesn't mean you give your approval.

I was attacked when I was 19. It was nothing compared to what happens to a lot of women. But it was classed as a Sexual Assault. The police man that was called asked me not to phone my mom as I shouldn't make a fuss. To say I rolled my eyes is an understatement. Something kicked in after the incident and I managed to get a really great description of the guy from it and it was met with some sarcasm from the police officers. To cut a long story short, it resulted in me being told that the next person he attacks he'd probably rape but the summer holidays were coming up and they had a lot on their plate with school children vandalising shop windows. I still don't really know what to say to that statement other than I really really hope he didn't go on to rape someone. A police man had driven past at the time of the attack and hadn't stopped as he assumed it was a lovers tiff and he wanted me to know he was sorry and could I forgive him. Thing is just something like the incident I went through (this guy came out of nowhere, pretended to be jogging, grabbed me inappropriately and tried to drag me off the pavement), anyway - this incident is still with me today and it's been a fair few years since it happened. Never grab me from behind and I freeze inside when someone jogs past me. A lot of people don't know this ever happened to me but I am reminded quite often. It peeves me that this guy just got on with his life. Now if I was that lady and heard my attacker would be free on the streets again in possibly less than a year - well..............OK he didn't murder her but he's kindof taken her life for the foreseeable future.

I don't know what the answer is. Castration comes to mind. But in a realistic way what can you do? I don't think prison is the answer as you wouldn't have so many repeat offenders. Is it something as simple as making every parent have parenting classes and to hold them more accountable for the make up of their child. I don't know - I really wish I did. But one thing for sure - some judges in this country and others need to wake up to the reality of the real suffering that happens in such incidences, the attack is just the start.


  1. I hope your okay Alison, I agree the judges are as guilty and the rapist for allowing them to get off so easily, I like the idea of castration and public hangings:)

    I dont know what you said or if you forgave the cop for not stopping. Personally I would have snapped at them and said no i dont forgive, nor shall i ever.
    How many women have been brutally beaten or merdered ? I lovers tiff is in fact nothing, but what if it was an assault, oh wiat, it WAS, you were being assaulted huh. Damn fine job your doing officer!
    with everything im hearing lately with cyber bullies and suicides here in the state, along with the traumas im dealing with, i remember an ol saying.. "stick an stones may break my bones" But words leave scars that never heal, is how I finish it.

    If someone violate the rights of another, they then forfiet their rights.
    he raped her and now for her whole life has been traumatized and he gets to go out an rape again in a few years?
    Not im my world, that bastard would work in a labor camp and chaingang until he dies.
    You let everyone know that if you commit such a crime, that is the punishment, and crime rates will drop damn fast, dont you think?

    Aslo yes I think kids should be taught crime an punishment in school at day one. You cant or shouldnt hold parents accountable as much as they do these days.

  2. Thank you! Yes I am ok - I get jumpy sometimes but what happened to me is totally nothing compared to what happens to way too many people. I agree with you about the sort of labor camp type thing - as you say hard graft might actually do something!!! They forfeit their rights sounds the perfect sentance but at the same time you know there would be some idiots that would totally take that too far and then it becomes bad after bad and evil verses evil - it's a really tricky one - I just don't think that the way things are is really working!